Common Terminologies used in Lottery Games

Today, lotteries have become one of the popular types of online gambling activities performed across worldwide gambling outlets. Although, lotteries have grabbed worldwide popularity, but still many lottery players are not well familiar with various terminologies used in playing lottery games. Therefore, this article has attempted to give a brief description about some of the common terminologies that the frequently used in lottery games.

Bonus Ball in Lottery Games

Bonus ball used in lottery games is also sometimes known as bonus number. The bonus number is similar to an additional or extra number. Players will draw additional or extra ball to win additional prizes.

Box Bet used in Lottery Games

Box Bet will facilitate the lottery players to have massive winnings with the proper match of winning numbers by following any order.

Cash Lotto Lottery Game

Cash Lotto is a particular type of lottery game, in which winners are given a massive amount against some annuity payments.

Lottery Cash Option

The cash option in lottery games will offer annuity jackpot to the winner, so that they could settle for an amount, which is less than original jackpot amount. In fact, the cash option is mostly less than 50% of the original amount of jackpot.

Daily Lottery Games and Drawing

Daily lottery games, as the name suggest, will have minimum one draw on each day. Drawing in lottery games is known as the process of selecting different lottery numbers.

Exact Order in Lottery Games

Exact order refers to matching of winning numbers exactly in the same order as they were drawn for collecting the winning payout.

Fixed Payout in Lottery Games
Fixed payout is the cash prize amount of lottery, which remains unchanged regardless of the number of tickets being sold to the players.

Instant Lottery Games

Instant lottery games as the name suggests, are such types of lottery games, which are bought, redeemed and played within after few duration of its purchase. Instant win scratch tickets are one of the popular types of instant lottery games.

Keno Lottery Games

Keno is a type of lottery game, in which players will select any number between 1 and 10. The cash prizes obtained from the game will vary according to the way of playing with these numbers.

Lottery Agent

Lottery agent may be referred to the retail vendor, from where players used to purchase lottery tickets.

Multi Draw in Lottery Games

Multi draw is known as one single ticket, which is perfectly suitable for playing large numbers of lottery draws.

Number Games

The numbers game is also referred as 3 or 4 digits of daily lotto games, which are operated by majority of state lottery commissions.

Pairs in Lottery Games

Pairs in Lottery games will refer to getting the opportunity to win in 3 or 4 digit daily lotto games, in which the selected numbers will match either starting two numbers, ending two numbers or alternatively will match first and the last number for earning massive cash pay-off.

Terminology of Pari-Mutuel

Pari-mutuel has been described as the sharing of massive prize with some other punters, selecting the same winning number. In addition, Pari-mutuel has described the growth of jackpot in accordance to the number of lottery tickets being sold.

Payout of Lottery Game

Payout is known as the cash prize given to a player, who is having the winning combination of numbers.

Powerball Lottery

Powerball is one among the popular lottery game enjoyed by worldwide players. This is a multi-state lottery game, offering massive cash prizes, when the players will select an additional number. This additional number is known as Powerball number.

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