Exclusive Features of Live Dealer Version of Blackjack Games

During 1990’s online version of another casino game as blackjack has launched at many websites of online gambling. However, during this time, the online game of blackjack was not popular among the worldwide players. The reason for this is that at that time, online version of blackjack games are lacking the feature of live dealers. Moreover, during that time, players has many doubts associated with the randomness of gaming cards to be dealt with RNG’s (Random Number Generators) and hence, they would try to avoid playing online versions of blackjack games. However, with the passage of time, the fear of randomness of the dealt cards has overcome largely, which results in increase in popularity of blackjack games. Nevertheless, players will miss online blackjack dealers from the online version of game as live dealing games will stimulate the environment of casino and offer lots of fun and enjoyment to players.

Online version of blackjack game enables us to place bets, enjoys games, comfortably from our homes, and keeps us away from the formidable atmosphere of land-based casinos. On the other hand, these casinos have also taken away all the glamour and thrills of playing at land-based casinos. This lead to the launch of live dealer versions of online blackjack and other casino games in worldwide casinos. These live dealer versions of online casino games, especially of blackjack games have brought all the glamour and excitement back to us from the comforts of their homes. Hence, the players of blackjack can have all the glamour and excitement of real casinos, along with keeping themselves away from the stiff forbidding atmosphere. Few years ago, when live dealer versions of blackjack cards had introduced themselves in some of the famous online casinos, they have utilized regular sized cards. Because of small sized cards, players were unable to observe their dealt cards. At present, live dealer blackjack has overcome this drawback, by making the use of card side of very large size.

Today, online casinos separately used to display the tables of live dealer blackjack on the gaming menu. Some of the popular online casinos will have 20 live dealer blackjack table, along with variety of betting options to be perfectly suitable for both high and low roller players. The players are allowed to select the desired gaming table of blackjack available on the menu and are allowed to join with the punters, already playing at the blackjack table. The table will reveal screen name of each of the players playing there.
The monitor screen of live dealer version of online blackjack game has been divided into three different sections. Here, main section will reveal the table of blackjack game. In addition to this, in live dealer games, players can zoom into the cards with the help of cameras, while dealing with their hands. After playing their hands, they may again zoom out the blackjack table. In addition, one large box provided at the top and left hand side of the gaming screen will highlight the dealer, along with his actions.

Live dealer version of online blackjack game clearly highlights the individuals as dealing with their cards. The right corner of the gaming screen depicts a chat box, from which players can communicate with each other or with the dealer of game, according to their requirement. This is one among the popular feature of live dealer version of blackjack, as it will simulate a special feature of the gambling environment. However, access to internet with very high speed is essential for playing live dealer version of online blackjack game.

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