Casino games that are played differently in American and in Europe

Casino game originated in comparatively different manner as it was originated in Europe. That time the option of online gambling was not there, so people need to visit the brick and mortal casino for satisfying their gambling desire and this gaming desire was limited to their own continent. However, with the introduction of online casino this limitation has eliminated. Now players can enjoy any of the game of their interest, despite of the fact that wherever in the world they are from. Thus, its worthy to learn how and where American games stands in the whole spectrum of the online casino games.

The first and the foremost game is the roulette game, here there are two popular versions of roulette games they are American roulette and the European roulette. Both of these versions are distantly known in online roulette versions. The game of roulette first originated in Europe with 0 and 00 on their wheel and then in the same way it was taken on to America. After this, the conflict between the various brick and mortal casinos in Europe forcefully eliminated the 00 slot from the roulette wheel. However, on the other hand, the gaming environment in America was comparatively less competitive and hence the roulette wheel with 00 slots stayed. Thus, now days roulette wheel having 0 is considered as European version and the other with 00 is considered as the American version.

Well its very clear to know that the winning chances are more in European roulette game rather than the American roulette. This is because of the fact that in American roulette players lose bet on 2 numbers out of 38 whereas in European roulette players lose bet on 1 number out of 37. Now if we take look on the house edge then in American Roulette house edge is almost 5.26%, on the contrary, house edge associated with European roulette is 2.70%. Thus, any player whether American or non American do not have any valid reason to place their wager on the American roulette version.

Other than roulette, blackjack is also played in a different manner in American and European brick and mortal casinos. The European version is known as European version but the American version is known by its name, the chief reason behind this is that there occurs a very slight difference between the blackjack game played in Las Vegas and in Atlantic City. Thus, the online blackjack versions are known as Atlantic City Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack. The difference between the two is related to the treatment of the hole card. In the American version, the dealer deals with the 2nd card face down and than for the blackjack they check whether the card that was face up is a 10 value card or ace. This is confirmed before the player make further move. In case, the dealer have blackjack then the game ends then and there and the player do not need to place any other bet on splitting and doubling down.

Now, in case of European Blackjack, players can only expose their hole card after making their move not before that. This means that if a player place splits or doubles and after that he/she come to know that the dealer had blackjack then they looses the additional wager placed by them. This is not the case with American blackjack; hence, we can say that it’s better to enjoy American blackjack game rather the European blackjack game. This is so because here the losing chances are less and winning chances are more.

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