Opportunity to Register Massive Winnings from Connecticut Lottery

The Connecticut Lottery is one among the popular lottery games operating in the worldwide nation. Before 30 years, John A, one of the representatives of State has created Connecticut lottery. The state representative, John A has a belief that state running lottery can provide sufficient amount of funds to the citizens of Connecticut.

It was approximately 10 years, when the dream of John A towards conducting of lottery games has proved in reality. In the year 1971, when the application of Connecticut lottery has kept for vote, this was passed with huge approval rate of 65%. After 1971 to until now, Connecticut lottery has given more than $280 million (approx.) for providing help to various state programs and public funded services. The funds generated from the Connecticut Lottery are then donated to General Fund, for providing support to not only various health projects of State, but for education, transportation, local libraries and so on.

On 15th of February in the year 1972, the first Connecticut lottery was conducted in the state. ‘The Lottery’ was the only game available to the players at that time and the cost of game is only $0.5 for only one ticket. At that time, this lottery game has awarded massive prize worth $5,000. Although, in present times, this amount of $5,000 is not considered as the big amount, but still, the amount was one of the significant prizes of that time. The Connecticut Lottery has consistently expanded their games and at present, this is providing four new online games. Nowadays, these lotteries have provided varieties of scratch tickets for us.

Classic Connecticut Lottery
The Classic Connecticut Lottery is being available all of the retail outlets responsible for supporting the CT lotteries. Players are allowed to purchase these lotteries for a very small amount of $1. In this lottery, players have to fill the play slip with any 6 numbers from 1 to 44. The Classic Lotto games will facilitate us to play maximum 5 games with the help of only one ticket and gives the highest jackpot prize over the state for matching all of the 6 numbers. The jackpot will start at $1 million and will continue to increase every time, until the winner has been declared. The lucky draws for Connecticut lottery are held on every Tuesdays and Fridays.

Cash 5 Connecticut Lottery
Cash 5 Connecticut Lottery facilitates the players with massive chances to win $100,000 on every day. Players are allowed to buy a ticket of $1 to receive five numbers for the lucky draw of any particular day. In addition to this, players are allowed to include a bonus game. Therefore, the game is also known as ‘Kicker’. The Kicker will give a massive prize worth $4,650 to the players, in case of matching all 4 numbers. The players have to select the numbers from 1 to 35 and include the Kicker according to their preferences.

Mid-Day 3 and Play 3
Mid-Day 3 and Play 3 are the two different lottery games, which are played daily and more or less in the similar format. The mina difference among them is that Mid-Day 3 lottery is available for daytime, while Play 3 will be available for evenings. First, the players have to select three numbers and after that, they will select three different available options, which they would like to play the lottery ticket.

Mid-Day 4 and Play 4
The lottery games of Mid-Day 4 and Play 4 are similar to the lottery games of Mid-Day 3 and Play 3 respectively. The only difference among them is that in Mid-Day 4 and Play 4, players have to select 4 numbers, rather than selecting only 3.

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