Exclusive Features of Average Payout Percentage in Slot Games

Today, slot games have become one of the popular games to be played at online casinos. Although, slot games are popularly played in online casinos, but still most of the players are not well-aware about the average payout percentage associated with playing these games at any of the worldwide casinos. Therefore, this article has given focus on giving brief description about the average payout percentage associated with any of the games, -played at online casinos.

About Average Payout Percentage
Average Payout Percentage of any online casino game can be described the extent, to which the game becomes friendly for us. Average Payout Percentage in any of the casino games has many different names such as long term average return and expected payback. Average Payout Percentage, as the name suggests, is simply a number to be expressed in the form of percentage, such as 90%. This is the indication that in case the players place the bet of $100, in future, he could expect to get back $90. This is the reason, why players go to select online slot games for achieving higher percentages of payout.

Problem Associated with Payout Percentage
However, the main problem associated with the average payout percentages in online slot games are not commonly known by the online players. Even, we cannot able to calculate the payout percentage in the same manner as we can calculate for any other casino games such in bingo, keno and in roulette. The average payout in slot games can be calculated only when we would have knowledge about the number of symbols to be appearing on the gaming reels. After this, we can make use of some complicated mathematical procedure for calculation of Average Payout Percentage. However, we cannot get this information at the public domain. The only agencies, which are well-aware about the about the average payout percentage are the software developers of online games and the agencies responsible for certification about the fairness and randomness of slot games. However, agencies are not able to provide any information to online casino players.

Software Providers Providing Information about Average Payout Percentage
Two software providers of online casino games are responsible for publishing the information associated with Expected Payback or Average Payout Percentage in casino games. However, these online gambling software providers receive some or all credits for providing this information to online players. One among this is Rival Gaming. Now, players have to select any of the relevant online slot game and then click on the Help button. Now the webpage gets opened to reveal the information. Rival Gaming make use of the term “expected payback” and reports the number as integral percentage.

Another software provider of online casino games, capable of providing information about average payout percentage is Wager Works. Furthermore, the software provider of Wager Works have utilized this term as, “Long Term Average Return, to be expected by Players.” The main difference in information provided by Rival Gaming software and by Wager Works software is that Rival gaming software gives the payout percentage in integral form, such as 90%, 95% and 96% and so on. On the other hand, Wager Works provide us information about average payout percentage to maximum two places of decimals.

About Information provided by eCOGRA
‘eCOGRA’ is the acronym for e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. Although, eCOGRA releases information about the average payout percentage, but this information is only for all the online casinos. However, they do not provide any information about individual slot games played at online casinos. Therefore, we can only use this information for selecting the suitable online casino, but cannot utilize it for selecting slot games.

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