What are Bingo Daubers?

People, who enjoy bingo game, will agree with me that noting could be more exciting and thrilling on this earth than shouting bingo at the top of your voice. The place where you enjoy bingo i.e. bingo hall is like a battlefield and the only weapon that can help you to score high and win huge amount is dauber.

If we take a look on the history of bingo game then you will come to know that bingo is a game, which is frequently played at country fairs. Earlier bingo was known as ‘beano’, this is so because earlier players make use of beans to mark off the numbers present on their card. Player who success mark a straight-line first use to shout Beano and then they use to receive a small gift. Later the name Beano was changed to bingo, when an excited player by mistake shouted bingo instead of Beano. The most popular game bingo got its name by this way.

Earlier, bingo was enjoyed only in churches; it was one of the best means to gather funds for the church’s welfare fund and funds for other social welfare. Over few years, the game became extremely popular among the people and acquired huge popularity. Soon in order to raise the chances of winning players started playing with several bingo cards at once, this was the case when bingo daubers first came in to picture as they facilitates instant and easy number marking.

Now the question that arises in mind is what are bingo daubers? If we speak technically then bingo daubers are nothing but just ink-filled pens having big round sponge tip. Players make use of this pen to mark the numbers on their card as the number is called. Bingo daubers when brought in contact with the card form a clear and neat circle, which resembles somewhat like a bingo coin. The bingo daubers are designed in such a manner that they get easily fit in your hand and you can quickly and comfortable mark off the numbers present on the bingo card. An appropriate bingo dauber enables you to manage several cards at one time. There are various types of bingo daubers available in the market you can select the one that goes well with your need. Based on the type of bingo card used can be temporary as well as permanent.

If we compare bingo chips, with bingo daubers than bingo dauber are considered as a better marking instrument. For instance, players who need to mark more than 25 cards in just half an hour then for them making use of daubing numbers along with bingo chips becomes a very difficult job. This is so because in most of the cases they either blow away or get displace and ultimately destroys your whole game. Making use of bingo daubers for marking numbers on the bingo card is very convenient as well as hassle free, this is helpfully especially when you are enjoying the game with multiple number of bingo cards.

You will be amaze to know that some bingo players find it very interesting to make collection of bingo daubers and consider it as an exciting collection item. In recent times, bingo daubers are available in varying shapes and sizes, so you have a wide range in terms of varieties to choose from. These bingo daubers are also available in various themes such as Christmas you can go for Santa Claus theme, same with Halloween and so on. So what are you waiting for go and select the most appropriate bingo dauber that suits your requirement and need for yourself and start enjoying the bingo action.

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