Frequently Concerned Roulette Myths

In the 18th century, the popular roulette game first came in to existence. This well-known casino game was introduced in Pairs casino. After that, more then millions of peoples have enjoyed this game and each player has tried to incorporate come new ideas and rules in the game. Along with this, its also a fact that over the period of time a long list of myths is also associated with this game. Some myths are simply superstitious, while some have huge negative impact on your bankroll. Here in this article, we have discussed about some of the common myths, which are associated with roulette game.

Roulette Wheel have Sleeping Numbers
In all there are thirty-seven numbers present on the European roulette wheel, this clearly implies there will be various digits who will fail to see any action. The number or the digit on which the ball have not landed even once then those numbers are known as sleeping numbers. The same is said for some colors as well as sectors of the wheel, which is not won from quite a long time. Some roulette players pay huge attention on this colors or numbers, as they perceive that the ball is bound to find them out any point of time.

However, as per the universal casino rules past results do not affect the future outcome of the game. This means that just because a number or a section of the roulette wheel haven’t won from a long time so they are more likely to win on the next spin.

Place bet on your Lucky Numbers
Whether it’s the casino games or the sports game, most of the people believe that their lucky numbers will help them out to win huge amount of money. This philosophy is specially followed with roulette game where players place bet on their lucky numbers. For example, players who belong to western civilization have a strong believe that number seven is fortuitous, so you will also find huge bets are place on the digits having number seven with them. While other players prefer to place bet on the lucky football number they wore, or the number they frequently see on lottery tickets.

Roulette Wheels Offer Similar Odds
A common and frequent mistakes committed by most of the players is that all the roulette wheels offer similar winning opportunities. However, the fact is that this is not true with all the roulette wheels, as some wheels possess some better odds of winning as compared to other. For instance, American roulette version has house edge of 5.26% while that of the European roulette version offer house edge of just 2.70%. Another very popular and the beneficial roulette version is the French roulette game where the house edge is just 1.35%. Thus, its clear that roulette wheel you choose to play have huge impact on your winning chances.

Many Roulette Wheels are biased
Most of the roulette players believe that roulette wheels are biased i.e. they favor some of the specific numbers present on the wheel and by acquiring that knowledge one can make huge profits. However, the fact is that discover such a bias roulette wheel is not an easy task players need to record more than hundreds on in fact thousand of spins to find out one bias wheel. In sort, do not waste your time in spotting one biased wheel, as it will only disappoint you at the end.

These are some of the myths, which are frequently considered by players so make sure that you try your best to avoid them as much as you can.

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