Microgaming’s Popular Golden Goose Online Slots Series

Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software providers has released some of the online slots games, which are now forming series. All the online slots game have different and independent theme but all of them something common in structure. Some of the recent Microgaming slots series such as the Retro Reels and the Sneak-A-Peek are well known by gamblers. However, Golden Goose series was the first Microgaming series and in all this Golden Goose series, has 4 online slot games. The most interesting part of these slot games is that all of them are independent slot games. For being a part of this series, they have simply used the subtitled Golden Goose and have slightly changed so as to offer the identical set of bonus games. These slots game includes Winning Wizard, Totem Treasure, Genies Gems and Crazy Chameleons.

Crazy Chameleons slot game does not match up with its name; this online slot game is based on beach theme. Various themes related symbols resent on the reels of the slot game, which includes sun tan lotion, sunglasses, florid shorts and various others. Here the crazy chameleon symbol is considered as wild symbol and it offer players a huge jackpot worth 5000 coins. Next is Genie’s Gems slot, this game is based on Arabian Nights them and symbol present on the reel includes magic lamp, scimitar, magic carpet, minaret and various others. Here genie represents the wild symbol and when it forms the wining combination and then it offers players triple payouts.

Another game in the series is the Totem Treasure slot game, this game is based on American Indian culture theme and so the symbols symbol present on the reels are eagle, tepee, drum, pipe, and squaw and so on. The biggest jackpot in the Golden Goose slots is this Totem Treasure. The Wining Wizard game is base on magic theme and incorporates symbols such as the spell books, ring, magic option and wizard’s stuff and so on. Here the wizard symbol represents the wild symbol and it offer the highest payout worth 10, 00 coins.

Now days, various online casino software providers are making use of the concept of special bonus games and this feature is made available to only those players who have placed highest bets or extra bets. Golden Goose slot has used this concept many years ago. Players who wish to enjoy this bonus option can trigger the same by clicking on the Golden Goose Bet option. This option triggers the maximum paylines along with the maximum number of coins per payline. Some players believe that this feature guarantees bonus award to players, however, its not true, this feature offers but not guarantee the bonus award top players.

In the first bonus game, Golden Goose places golden color eggs in each symbol, then player need to select eggs for winning the bonus credits. The second bonus game is the Golden Egg bonus game, here the Golden Goose appears on the reel and lays golden color eggs on the reel and these eggs then displays the bonus credits awarded to players. The third one is known as the Money or the Egg, here players are given an option they can either choose pile of eggs or one golden color egg. Players who wish to enjoy bonus credits need to select the money option while players who wish to enjoy free spins need to click on the golden egg option. However, the worth of bonus amount or the number of free spins will be reveled only after making the selection.

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