Cryptologic Has Released Mini Baccarat Variant

Cryptologic, one of the well-known online casino software providers has released a new variant of online baccarat game, this variant is known as Mini Baccarat game. The new and the exciting features incorporated in this new version of baccarat is Scorecard. Now, before we have a deep discussion on the baccarat game, let’s take a look on some other aspects of this game. The basic rule as well as the payouts offered by Mini Baccarat game is the same as offered by other baccarat versions. The game is named Mini Baccarat because in this variant only a small section of the game is visible on the screen. However, this does not matter because Mini Baccarat game is a single hand game. Cryptologic is known for offering wide range of wagering option for table games, so as per their convenience of the player they can select the one of their choice.

The Scorecard actually contains, the entire past history of the session and can be easily triggered by clicking on the history option present on the screen. In case of online baccarat game every new hand is dealt with a fresh deck of cards. As every new game starts with a new deck of cards, hence part history of the game does not influence the game. Therefore, tracking past history is of no use for predicting outcome from mathematical point of view. Still, baccarat player enjoying the game at brick and mortal casino keep a tract of previous outcome of the game on their scorecard. Players who do this reveled that they do this for improving their gut feeling, which they use to built their gaming strategy. This is the reason why Cryptologic software providers have introduced the concept of scorecard in their new Mini Baccarat version. Here players so not need to make any sort of entry because the scorecard itself updates the same after every hand.

Scorecard present in the Mini Baccarat game offered by Cryptologic consists of a grid on its upper part. The top squares are having B and P in the alternative sequence, here B stands for banker, and P stands for player. In case, the banker wins the first hand of the game then the grid adjust itself to start from B and same is the case is player wins the first hand. Now suppose, the banker wins the first hand then an entry of the same will made below the column of B and with players win the entry will sift its column. This column will be named P. thus, the sequence will move ahead in the similar manner.

Entries in this game of baccarat are color-coded, this means blue color is for Bankers, red color id for players and green color indicates tie situation. As far as the player’s column is concerned only blue and green and colored entries will be there and as far as players column is concerned then only red and green entries will be there. Here the value of hand is also indicated, in which the value of winning hand is indicated first. For instance, if player gets 6-hand and banker get 7 then a blue colored entry will made in the column denoted by B. One special hand value present in baccarat game is known as Naturals, this is so because they help in automatic wins. This hand is dealt with 2 cards wither 8 or nine. When the win takes place with this natural then the entry is done via oval inside the square. The color code in this case remains the same.

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