Exclusive Features of Florida Lottery in USA

FLC i.e. Florida Lottery Commission is responsible for administering Florida Lottery in one among the beautiful city of Tallahassee in Florida. This lottery is considered as one among the lucrative and renowned state lotteries of USA. On 12th of January 1988, FLC group has established this lottery in America. At that time, the main aim of this lottery group is to generate and improve the fund of state for education. From that time, 30 to 35% of all the proceedings from lottery tickets are being utilized for funding various educational causes as BFS i.e. Bright Futures Scholarship.

Features of Millionaire Lottery from FLC
Millionaire is the first game offered to the lottery players from FLC. This is one among the simplest game of scratch card costing only $1 for single play but can offer massive payout worth $1million.The first Florida Lottery from FLC has successfully paid with interest of all the money i.e. approximately 15 million, it has borrowed from the General Revenue fund of Florida. The interesting feature of Florida Lottery is that it has paid all the borrowed money within 17 days of their opening in Florida.

Features of Cash 3 and Lotto from FLC
After FLC has achieved its initial success from Millionaire lottery, the lottery group of FLC has stepped forward for expanding their lottery business in America. This results in the creation of two newly branded lottery games as Cash 3 and Lotto. On 29th of April 1988, FLC has launched Cash 3 and Lotto for the lottery players of America. Cash 3 is one type of simple daily lottery, which has incorporated fixed jackpot worth $500. On the other side, Lotto is one among the 6-number game, which initially starts with the jackpot worth $6 million pots, but gets rolled over with each lucky draw. Josie Moore has received the first jackpot from this lottery. The winning amount was approximately $14 million. Florida Lottery has incorporated legendary reputation for rolling over their jackpots and enhancing the cash prizes after every draw.

Features of WRLJ i.e. World Record Lottery Jackpot
On 14th of September 1990, 6 lucky players have won massive amount worth $106.5 million. From this, the lottery has received the title of WRLJ. With this World Record winning of 6 players, each of the players become capable of receiving huge amount of 18 million, along with huge publicity via channel of CNN. On the same day, Florida lottery has created a massive record by achieving profit of approximately $30 millions by selling only $100 millions of lottery. On 24th of October 1999, Florida group has upgraded WRLJ lottery by providing it on two days in one week.

Features of F5 and GL i.e. Fantasy 5 and Great Lottomobile
On 28th of April 1989, Florida Lottery has further expanded its business with the launch of Fantasy 5 lottery among the American lottery players. Fantasy 5, as the name is suggesting is one type of 5-number online drawing. On every Tuesday and Friday in a week, players in the state of Florida can enjoy this lucrative lottery event for winning $10,000. In addition, FLC has included one profitable and popular promo to this lottery titled as Great Lottomobile. This promo has facilitated the players in mailing their lost tickets to FLC and for winning FM (Ford Mustang). In the month of October 1995, FLC has entered in to the business of gaming show and launched FF (Flamingo Fortune). This is a special type of game, in which players losing their scratch-off tickets were chosen for playing as participants in quiz games and win massive prizes.

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