Comparison of Red Dog Card Game Offered by Varying Online Gaming Software Providers

Red Dog is one among the card based online casino games, which is provided by majority of software providers in the form of single player game. Some of the online software providers as Cryptologic and Microgaming can display large numbers of betting positions on the gaming table, but only one is available to us as functional. Red Dog casino game is being listed under table games provided by all types of software providers. Red Dog casino game has incorporated more or less similar rules and payouts, which are identical for all types of online software providers. The reason for this is that actual gaming simplicity cannot give us room for variation in the payouts. However, the game may provide variations in the displays, betting ranges and features, all of which are described briefly in this article.

Red Dog Card Game from Microgaming
Microgaming software provider of online casino games may offer lowest betting ranges in casino game of Red Dog. The minimum bet in this game is only 1 credit, while maximum bet is 50 credits. The spread numbers can be displayed in individual manner across the table, even when the spread numbers ranging from minimum 4 to maximum 11 are able to give even money payout. Red Dog casino game from Microgaming has excluded the feature of dealer’s voices. However, this game is capable of offering gaming sound for the dealt cards and moving chips. Moreover, the game has incorporated some background music.

Red Dog Card Game from Cryptologic
Cryptlogic powered card game of Red Dog has incorporated 1 credit as the minimum bet, while maximum bet of 50 creadits. The gaming display is more or less similar with the Red Dog game offered by Microgaming software provider. The only difference among them is that Cryptologic powered Red Dog game has modern gaming styles. The factors, due to which Red Dog card game of Cryptologic has received more popularity among players is that it has incorporated voice of gaming dealers. The dealer is responsible for announcing the spread as well as about the winner. This means, voice of the dealer is used for declaration that whether the winner is the player or house. Therefore, the game is not only become able to add realism, but facilitates the novices in following the card game in easier way.

Red Dog Card Game from Playtech
Players, who can place high amount of bet at online casinos, can go for playing the Red Dog Card game powered by Playtech online gambling software. Although, the minimum betting amount is only 1 credit, but simultaneously, it has given the huge opportunity of placing maximum bet of 300 credits to its players. The display is more or less similar to the Red Dog card game of Cryptologic, which audio gives us with only background sounds, without any music or voice of the gaming dealers.

Red DOG Card Game from Rival Gaming and Real Time Gaming
Rival Gaming powered Red Dog card game has given us a minimum betting range of 1 credits and maximum betting range to 200 credits. They have excluded both voice of dealer and gaming music, but is available to us with background sounds. The Red Dog game from Rival gaming has display features in quite different manner. The gaming spreads ranging from minimum 4 to maximum 11 gives us payout in the form of even money. Red Dog card game from RTG i.e. Real Time Gaming is similar to that of Rival Gaming. The only difference in this case is that RTG powered Red Dog card game has incorporated maximum bet of 250 credits than 200 credits in Rival Gaming.

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