Overview of Craps Betting Online

The players of live dealer casinos have always called for the inclusion of live dealer version of craps games. However, despite of very high demand for live dealer version of online craps, these games have remained scarce. Live dealer versions of casino games have incorporated an innovative software for conducting casino games, latest gaming technology and real-life gaming dealers to giver realistic appearance towards all online casino games. Players are allowed to download the live dealer version of online casino software, set their web cams and can start placing their real money bets. Players can enjoy the game of craps in some of the selected and reputable online casinos.

The Best Craps Gaming Advice
While enjoy craps game in brick and mortal casino or online casino players must always remember that the game incorporates a certain level of skills on the part of the players and some degree of luck as well. It’s always suggested to place safe bets on odds rather then practicing sucker bets. The reason why most of players prefer to enjoy sucker bets is that the payout odds offered in this game is as high as 30:1. Some of the players believe that by taken the previous outcome in to consideration they can identify the future outcome however this is not true. Just the Roulette and slots spin craps outcome is also independent of their previous outcome. Although, betting system is not always a guaranteed from of making profit but they produce good returns in small term.
This is because; until you are placing your bets on shooter side and shooter remains on hot streak, definitely you can collect your winnings. In case of any unpleasant event inside the casino, the online casino operators would definitely take strict actions to prevent it. The best online casinos are having accreditation with legal gambling authorities and act as responsible online gambling operators, such as 888.com and so on.

Here we have presented one very effective tip for crap players, which you will not find in any crap literature and that is always follow the winning players, despite of the fact how much they win.

What are Your Betting Options in Games of Craps?
Most of the players stick to some standard betting options while playing craps. This thing usually limits their skill of making profit from this exciting game. In the game of craps you can either place bet with the craps shooter, or can also place against the shooter.

The Don’t Pass Line Bets
In case 2 or 3 is rolled on the first roll then you will win the bet. But if twelve is rolled then it is pushed and the bet is returned. However, if 7 or 11 is rolled then you will loose your bet.

Pass Line Bets
The sole idea behind this game is to roll either 7 or 11 on the first roll. If you can manage to roll 7 or 11 on the first roll then you win the game. But if 2,3 or 11 is rolled then you will loose. Now if any other number is rolled then you are asked to roll the number again to win and the payout offered is 1:1.

The Come and Don’t Come Bets
This type of bet is quite similar to the Don't Pass and Pass Bets, buts these bets are placed after the first roll. Come bet actually means that the number rolled first will be rolled again and again until number 7 is rolled. The Don't Come Bet means that number 7 will be rolled first before any other number is rolled.

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