Bonuses are Related with Wagering Requirements, Not Free Giveaways

Today, majority of renowned online casinos across the world used to offer fantastic bonuses to their players. This is because; it is latest strategy of online casinos to retain their existing players and to attract new players to their online websites. However, bonuses offered by the online casinos are not considered as free giveaways. The bonuses are available to players with different fine prints and in case, they cannot understood the fine print, players may definitely lose it.

Overview of Bonuses available at online Casinos
Online casinos basically, used to offer two categories of online casino bonuses. Firstly, these casinos offer sticky bonus to their players. As the name is suggesting, in sticky bonus, casinos do not allow the players to cash them. In sticky bonus, casino adds the bonus amount to the account of their players. This implies that as the players wager their bonus amount in the casino, they get their winning amounts added to their registered accounts of online casinos. However, casinos used to keep the withdrawal of winnings and bonuses on hold, until the players fulfill the betting requirements. After meeting the suitable betting requirements, online casino take back actual bonus amount and then facilitate the punters in withdrawing their winnings from online casinos. As in case of sticky bonuses, players are not allowed to withdraw their bonus amounts, so, these bonus are mostly higher than any other kinds of bonuses that players could avail from the online casinos.

Essential Wagering Requirements to Avail Casino Bonuses
Wagering requirements for availing the casino bonuses is the next issue that requires some essential clarifications. Currently, the casino players are available with two different types of wagering requirements for availing the bonuses and winnings from the online casinos. In the first category, players have to wager both deposit and bonus amount, which results in bonus for specified numbers of times. In second type of betting requirement, the players have to fulfill the wagering requirements on bonus amount for certain number of times. Moreover, in case the players are allowed to wager both deposit and bonus amount, they may have smaller betting requirements.

Wagering Requirements and House Edges of Online Casinos
The casino games played at varying online casinos have incorporated different house edges. According to this, house edges for online slot games games are very high, while for that of blackjack games are very low. The house edges for any other online casino games as bingo, roulette and poker and so on are in between these maximum and minimum house edges. Online casinos mainly intent to encourage their players to place their bets on casino games having higher house edges. This is because; house edge is the money taken by the owners of online casinos. Hence, in case the players place their bets on casino games having higher house edges, online casinos will have the excellent opportunity to earn huge amount of money from casino games. Therefore, currently, most of the renowned online casinos put the condition in front of the players that they have to fulfill the wagering requirements only on online slot games. Alternatively, online casinos have allowed the players to satisfy their wagering requirements on smaller house edge casino games, but have done significant increase in the betting requirements of these games.

Lastly, with the help of this article, we are highlighting another essential fact associated with the availing of bonus amounts by the players. This means, online casinos do not allow the citizens of any particular country to avail casino bonuses. This is because; such countries have some background associated with abusing of bonus provisions.

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