Opposition of Online Gambling Sector towards UIGEA

UIGEA is the acronym for Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. When UIGEA has been highlighted as one among the unsuspecting nation, whole online gambling sector has given their opposition to this gambling regulation in unison. The representatives of operators of online poker games and other casino games have given opposition to UIGEA. As the same online gambling operators are responsible for running both online poker and casino games. Hence, this is one among the major reason for unity of online gambling operators. Nevertheless, the prime cause was associated with the permission of enjoying online casino games from the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Majority of representatives of online gambling sectors have filed such cases in opposition to the approach of UIGEA. These representatives may include PPA i.e. Poker Players Alliance and IGC i.e. Interactive Gaming Council. They have brought the bills from legislatures for overturning of UIGEA. However, very soon online gambling sector has realized that this is not the type of open or shut case to be pleaded in favor of them. To overcome such complicated situation, online gambling sector has given taxation and regulation, due to which again online poker and other casino gaming segments have given their opinion in the agreements.

However, there is one point, in which faction of online poker have started forwarding one argument, which has not been applicable for faction of online casino. PPA has started to give stress that poker is one type of skill-based games, so laws preventing online gambling should not be applicable in case of online poker. Furthermore, they have demanded fort clear legislation, which can determine online poker as one among the skill-based games. Although, they have not denied from the fact that poker has incorporated luck element, but they have given stress that the element of skill is much stronger than luck. They have argued that luck element becomes invalid in the long run. This implies that better poker players always used to dominate weaker players during the particular time duration. The experts associated with poker game have conducted various academic studies to highlight the thesis that game of poker is dependent on gaming skills. This argument has facilitated them regarding prosecutions in opposition to land-based players of poker game.

On the other hand, faction of other online casino games cannot keep forward the argument raised by faction of online poker games. This is because; most of the online casino games as bingo, roulette and slots are solely based on luck of the players. Only blackjack and some of the casino games have included the element of skill in them. However, in games of blackjack also, the required level of skill is very much low as compared to the skill involved in playing poker games. Secondly, in other types of online casino games, players use to place their bets against the house and not against one another.

Therefore, these differences have resulted in another major issue that online gambling sector itself is not willing to divide itself. Currently, big issue is that what will happen to the online gambling sector? Is the faction of online poker gets success in legal declaration of poker as one among the skill-based games or freed itself from mess of UIGEA. The money required for fighting the administration would be no longer available to them. This is because; turnover obtained from online poker is very much higher than the turnover obtained from online casino games. Currently, the situation remains in hypothetical condition, as neither the Government and nor UIGEA is willing to accept that game of poker is one type of skill games in the coming future.

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