Rival Gaming Has Released Instant Bingo Games

Bingo is one of the most poplar pastime game of all times. Earlier this game was enjoyed only in brick and mortal casinos or in some social or charitable events but now the online version of the same is also available. For enjoying bingo a separate portal is present, where players need to purchase bingo tickets and then have to compete with other players to be the first to complete the patterns. The overall structure of the game is exactly identical to the one played in Brick and mortal casino.

Rival Gaming, one of the well know online casino software providers have developed various online casino games based on bingo. These games are named as Instant Bingo games and are placed in a separate sub category in the specialty games section at Rival Gaming. Unlike other bingo games,in instant bingo game players need to compete against the house rather than other players. Another twist in these instant games is that for winning the payout players need to complete the bingo pattern in certain specific per-determined number of balls. Worth of payout depends on the level of complexity associated with the pattern completed.

A number of different variants are available in online bingo halls and each of them have different card structure. As far as Rival Bingo is concerned then there are four very popular bingo variants offered by them. The first variant is the simple 30-ball bingo game, in this version bingo card is arranged in 3x3 matrix. The cell displays number randomly starting from 1 to thirty. This 30-ball bingo version has one winning pattern or combination, which covers all the nine numbers. Options available for the number of balls includes twenty, twenty-two and twenty-four, with the number of balls the worth of the payout also varies such as for twenty balls the payout is 80 times the card value, for twenty-two balls the payout is 27 times and for twenty-four balls the payout is just 10 times.

The second version of the instant bingo variant is the 80-ball bingo game. Here bingo card shows sixteen numbers arranged in 4x4 matrix. In this version the option for number of ball are thirty-five, forty-five and fifty-five. In all there are seven winning patterns. The smallest one is the four corners that covers 4 spots and the biggest Coverall that covers the entire sixteen spots. As discussed above here also the worth of payout depends on the number of selected i.e. for thirty-five balls the the payout will be 10,000 times the card value. As the number of the balls increases the worth of payout decreases.

Third variant is the American bingo game, which is based on a popular bingo variant of united states. In this version the numbers on the bingo cards are arranged in 5x5 matrix format. The payout table in this version have seven different patterns. Number of balls and the payout percentage associated with them are exactly similar like the 80-ball game.

Fourth bingo variant is the European Bingo game, this variant of instant bingo game is very popular in United Kingdom and Europe. Bingo card of this game comprise of three rows having five numbers in each row. Numbers present in the cell are selected randomly and range between 1 to 90. There are three winning patterns in the game they are any line, any 2 lines and the full house. Number of balls vary from 45, 55 and 65 and so as the payout percentage associated with it.

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