Great Personalities Linked to Blackjack Game

We are always having intention of putting our celebrities on pedestal as they consistently highlight on the news and on television. However, renowned personalities split the aces in same manner as we used to split them inside the casino. In fact, only few great personalities and celebrities used to play the game of blackjack. Therefore, with the help of this article, we are highlighting some such personalities, who are linked to the game of blackjack.

Great Personalities:
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton, a socialite was frequently spotted in nightclubs rather than at the blackjack table. However, recently while celebrating her 31st birthday she took out some time to play blackjack games. Here decision of making playing blackjack proved to be very good for her as she won more than $30,000 from the blackjack table in Wynn Las Vegas. Although, the winning amount is not much for Hilton but still its quite a n amazing win.

Prince Harry
Another celebrity in the row is Prince Harry, who is a member of British Royal Family. He also enjoyed the blackjack game but unfortunately the game din't prove to be as fruitful as it did to Hilton. This is because when Prince Harry started playing the game he lost $300 while enjoying the game. Although. $300 does not worth him much, in fact, for him its like a free game but he enjoyed this game a lot. He went for clubbing at saw Cirque Du Soleil, where he enjoyed the game along with free drinks.

Sean “P Diddy” Combs
The above two players have enjoyed the game once, however, this is not the case with Sean “P Diddy” Combs. In fact, Combs has so much craze towards the game of blackjack that once he has demanded to have the game of blackjack in his dressing room at the MTV Music Awards. This is because; he want to enjoy the game of blackjack with his friends together. The passion of Combs has taken him to the Atlantic City, where he has been asked to place his first official bet at newly launched blackjack tables. As Comb has high passion towards the game of blackjack, so, he feels pleasure in placing his first bet.

Don Johnson
Firstly, we should want to make this clear in front of you that we are not giving description about the actor of Miami Vice television series, Don Johnson. This is so, we are taking about Don Johnson, who is a renowned player linked with game of blackjack. At the starting of the year 2011, he has received approximately $15 million when he was playing the game of blackjack in majority of casinos in Atlantic City. This primarily incorporates winning of $6 million to be collected from Tropicana casino of Atlantic City. In addition, he had again earned an amount of $2 million from Atlantic City.

Erica Schoenberg
Majority of the people linked with the casino gaming world are having a very good knowledge about Erica Schoenberg as one among the well-known champion of poker tournament. This is because, she has earned massive amount of $825,982 in poker tournament. However, before entering in to the poker world, this great personality was linked with blackjack. At that time, she was popularly known as 'Blackjack Babe'. Erica has obtained her training in some of the free blackjack games from team member of MIT Blackjack. Erica Schoenberg has accomplished some of the massive achievements in the game of blackjack as UPT i.e. Ultimate Blackjack Tour and WSOB i.e. World Series of Blackjack.

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