History of Online Casino Software in Online Gambling Industry

Today, most of us are making the utilization of online casino software either in flash or in downloaded form to enjoy various online casino games. However, most of us are unknown about the evolution of online casino software in the gambling sector. Therefore, with the help of this article, we have given our prime concern towards the history of online gaming software required for playing casino games. Nevertheless, we have focused on the micro aspects such as inclusion of features in casino software. Instead of this, we have given major concern on the wider directions, from which it has resulted in the increase in number of casino players across the world.

The evolution of casino software has started with the inception of online casinos, facilitating real money bets at fully regulated and licensed online websites. Before this, although, software for enjoying the casino games were available for players , but still they have to load them on to their PCs i.e. Personal Computers via floppy discs and entirely have to play for enjoyment. The first casino software was available to us in downloaded form, which implies the software can be downloaded and installed on PCs of players. This has facilitated the players to place their bets against house on various casino games with the help of real money. In addition, they have also facilitated the players in withdrawal of their winnings.

The major limitation of this software is that, they were developed specifically for PCs having window operating system and was not supporting systems having Mac, Linux or any other operating system. After sometime Flash software was developed and this software enabled Mac and Linux users to join the online gaming industry. This software enabled player to open the games in their browsers and supported all the systems using any sort of operating systems.

Downloaded version as well as the Flash software make use of RNG i.e. Random Number Generator, which influences various gaming events such as dealing of cards and spinning of roulette wheels. There are minor limitations of this. Some people are very much worried about the software being geared, on the other hand, for some people gambling means human dealers who are dealing cards and spinning the roulette wheels. So to get these players turned towards online gambling live dealers games where introduced. In this the actual dealers were taped and then uploaded on internet and when players start playing the game the video starts playing and this is known as live dealer online casino games.

In case of online gambling, players have to enjoy casino games from their laptops or PCs. This implies that they cannot able to enjoy casino games from any places as buses and trains and so on. The main issue is that these timings are most convenient for majority of players as during these timings they used to do nothing. This has resulted in the development of mobile casino games. Players can avail the facilities of mobile casino games with the use of online access in their mobile and cellular phones. After this, they can place their bets with the help of their handsets. Today, majority of operators of online gambling activities also provide mobile services to their players. Although, currently, the presence of mobile casinos is limited as compared to presence and popularity of online casino gaming, but still mobile casino games have covered majority of casino gaming categories, along with slot and progressive jackpot games. In conclusion, we can say that online casino software has undergone drastic changes in the online casino industry.

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