PCI Has Set Security Standards Council

In the recent times, use of cards for making any sort of online payment is common, specially if we talk about the payments made in online casinos. Cards can be credit cards, prepaid cards or the debit cards. Some online players take the security offered by the card companies for granted without giving any concern to the continuous hard work and efforts card companies take to maintain their security system. In this article, we have discussed about some of the essential steps taken by the card companies so that all those players who use cards to deposit funds in their online casino account become more comfortable in doing so.
All the card industry are commonly known as PCI i.e. Payment Card Industry. The leaders of the payment Card Industry such as Discover Financial Services, Visa inc., MasterCard Worldwide, American Express and JCB International has set a Security Standards Council. The ultimate objective of this council was ongoing development, implementation of security standards, enhancement and storage.

This Security Standard Council has formed a set of requirements, which every card provider need to include in their respective system. These specific requirements are known as PCI DSS, which means PCI Data Security Standard. PCI DSS document is not static instead its variable because the security system need to be updated every now and then, in order to save them from hackers. Thus, for overcoming these risks the Security Standards Council has updated the requirements contained in the PCI DSS. Before making any changes in the requirement in the PCI DSS document, the advisory board of PCI DSS and some of the big stakeholders are consulted. They provide their feedback on the same and the same is then carried forward. The PCI DSS is not a small unit to handle it is divided in to 6 different sections and each of these sections work on a specific principle.

First principle is associated with building as well as maintaining of secured network. Cards services providers have to install as well as maintain firewall configuration, so that they can provide protection to data of the cardholders. They can outsource some of the components of system from vendors. This is essential that all the VSDs i.e. vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and various security parameters should not be continued, but they have to be changed as soon as possible. This is done to prevent any individual from vendor organization, responsible for accessing the computer system. Second principle is associated with protection of cardholder data. This type of protection is being required in two different instances. This means, firstly, data of cardholder needs protection at the time of its storage on servers. Secondly, it requires protection at the time of transmission towards open as well as public networks. The protocols of encryption provides protection at the time of transmission of data.

As described before in this article, system may likely to come across various threats from the hackers. Hence, maintenance of VMP i.e. vulnerability management program is essential for us. One among the main requirements of these types of computer programs is the utilization of regularly updated anti-virus software. In fact, we have to go for the implementation of an effective ACS i.e. access control system. For this, we should put restrictions on both electronic and physical access towards the data of cardholder. All individuals availing the acess facilities should be given UIDs i.e. unique identifications, so that software can properly trace back their online transactions. In fact, the system must incorporate monitors and tracks, so that they can have complete access towards cardholder data. Lastly, we should have the requirement of ISP i.e. information security policy.

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