Exclusive Features of Resorts World in New York

NYC i.e. New York City is popular for several things such as Wall Street, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, New York Yankees and Times Square and so on. Surprisingly, casino games have not incorporated in this long list of popular NYC locations. However, all these situations would change as Big Apple has recently revealed about their first casino in RWNYC i.e. Resorts World New York City. Obviously, RWNYC is one of the big openings, as the casino outlet has observed more than 65,000 visitors on first day. Therefore, with the help of this article, we have given our concern regarding various aspects associated with popularity of RWNYC.

Vegas in New York
One of the casino owner named Genting Group has played a major role in developing the theme of RWNYC. This casino group has the desire to bring Las Vegas touch in NYC. According to Michael Speller, president of RWNYC, “The citizens of New York will have an excellent opportunity to get Vegas like experience from their own city.” They have included varieties of bright lights, innumerable casino gaming experience, whistles and bells across the newly formed casino structure.

The owners of RWNYC have incorporated more than 5,000 electronic casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, sic bo, craps and slots and so on. The major difference among the casinos of Vegas and RWNYC is that in RWNYC, all the human dealers remain absent. The reason behind this is that live dealer games are strictly prohibited in New York.

Popular Racetrack near RWNYC
RWNYC is connected with one among the popular racetracks titled as Aqueduct in the park of South Ozone. Furthermore, you may have large number of windows throughout the racino, which can give panoramic views to the players of casino games. In addition, visitors may have a large outdoor dining area dominating some of the attractive horse racing tracks.

Attractive Dining Facility
Apart from the facility of outdoor dining, visitors of RYNYC may have many other dining facilities within the resort. In fact, you may have several restaurants within the big complex. One of the popular restaurants of RYNYC complex is titled as Aqueduct buffet. In this restaurant, visitors may have varieties of culinary treats. Genting Palace inspired from China and Prime Steakhouse have also received popularity in providing the visitors with best cuisines. Furthermore, visitors of RWNYC may have wide selection for bars, along with one of the sophisticated bars of Bar 360 Lounge.

Lights of Nations in Resort World
Light of Nations sculpture is the biggest presentation at Resorts World New York. This sculpture is constructed by using one hundred and ninety three lights. Each of these lights symbolizes each country who is the part of United Nation and it gives a Midas touch to this casino. Other than this a lot of fine arts as well as delineations of New York City is found around this exclusive establishment.

Resorts World Implications in New York City
Although, majority of people in metropolitan area of New York city are happy by having this wonderful casino outlet within the city, but still majority of them are pondering that effects of casino should be like the casinos of Atlantic city. This worldwide renowned gambling outlet has faced tough competition in attracting large numbers of visitors with the opening of some other casinos as casinos of Philadelphia. As we know that NYC is one among the major sources of visitors of Atlantic City. However, with the opening of brand new casino facility within the limits of city, we may observe a huge drop in the number of visitors belonging to Atlantic City.

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