Enjoy Blackjack Games with Continuous Shuffler Machine

The first and the foremost step in enjoying blackjack game is that players look for a table offering 3:2 payout on natural blackjack game. This is so because it makes the dealer to stand on soft 17and enable players to split any of their hands. As such are several rules, which players need to follow while enjoying the blackjack game but this one of the most advantageous one.

One very important factor which most of the blackjack players do not consider is the shuffling machine, you must be aware of the fact that whether the shuffling machine is continuous or non continuous. The most interesting fact is that if you are dealing with a shuffling machine which is continuously shuffling then it actually help you to deal with a smaller house edge. We will discuss on this matter later, nut now lets take a look on how these continuous shuffle machine works.
Basics of Continuous Shufflers

Its a known fact that all the casinos have some amount of house edge and this help them to make huge profits. Thus, casino tends to make make more profit in the long run, specially by the players who play the game more frequently. Thus, for making the game move faster, various casinos have installed automatic shuffling machine for blackjack game and this is not a recent act, in fact, it is done few decades back.

The sole reason behind installing these shuffling machine is that they can shuffle the cards in a much faster rate as compared to the dealer.

The continuous shuffler machine shuffle card for every single hand. Immediately after completing one hand, all the cards are out together in to the machine and they get nicely mixed up with other card already present in the machine. The best part of using CSM or continuous shuffle machine is that it helps in preventing card counters from getting into the game and it also helps in making the game fun 20% faster. 

How Continuous Shufflers lower the House Edge
Michael Shackelford, a well known mathematical whiz and online gaming expert once conducted his study on CMS to find out the effect of this machine on the house edge. After continuing his study for some time he came to know that the house edge associated with the game actually goes down when CSM is used and when discarded are put back into the machine. Further more, higher the value of card being dealt more will be chances of a natural blackjack game that offers 3:2 payout.

Combating the increased Game Speed
As we have already discussed earlier that use of CSM increases the speed of the game by twenty percent and this thing was in casinos favor. People who are against the use of CSM commented that those players who enjoy the game for long run for them continuous shuffle machine creates an adverse effect on their game. If you consider the mathematical aspect then they are absolutely right.

Suppose you have enjoyed the blackjack game for two hours with a non-continuous machine and have made 120 total hands, then with the continuous machine you will make 144 hands. Now imagine you kept the house edge at 0.5% and were making $5. In this case, theoretically you will lose $3in two hours if you are playing the game with non-continuous shuffle machine and with continuous shuffle machine it comes to be $3.60.

Now, if you are playing the game with just $5 bet then the difference of $0.60 is not a big deal for you but it makes huge difference for those players who place higher bets or for high rollers.

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