Iovation - Online Casino Fraud Detection Solution

One cannot denies the fact that some of the people register themselves at online casino for the sole reason of carry out some sort of fraud. The frauds could be credit card , making use of stolen credit cards and various other frauds. As far as online poker is concerned then in that case player agreement is considered as a major source of fraud. Thus, in order to protect themselves online casinos must always ask for an identity proof when they sign up for an account at the online casino. Other than this, online casino usually expel those members who have every tried to commit any sort of fraud. As there are countless casinos operating online so these fraud people easily find another casino to repeat their mischievousness.

This is where the fraud prevention organizations comes in to picture and among all Iovation is the most reputed name. The byline of Iovation is "The Power of Reputation". Iovation usually work with those online industries having financial services, online communities, online gambling and online retail. You will be amazed to know that from past five years Iovation is trying hard with online casino software providers and operators for making online casinos open for business and strictly closed for defrauders.

Iovation has acquired huge success because of its different approaches towards fraud prevention. Generally, most of the anti-fraud agenci3es target players who sign in to the online casino but Iovation have slightly different approach they target the device which is used by the player for getting connected with the online casino's server i.e. whether the player is using personal computer, laptop or mobile phone. The device detected is then matched up with the history, until now the data has more than three hundred and ninety million devices. With every new search the number of records in the database keep on raising. The device detection helps you find out that whether the device in use have record of any fraud or not. This is the way how Iovation is able to track criminals before they strike.
Tracking device history is just a part of service provided by ReputationManager, its possible that a fraudsters sign up with the casino by using device having no fraud history. Thus, Iovation is trying to investigate tools, which will help in spotting tools characteristics consistent with fraud. This step incorporates analyzing the wagering pattern to find out the mismatches, disabled components and proxies and to make out whether the activities counts are met or have exceeded.

Iovation has come up with its most powerful solution named ReputationManager 360 and is suggested the same to all the online casinos. This is because if an online casino continuously suffers frauds then it its credibility from players end get adversely affected. This is because the regular player will feel that their own personal data regarding account or transaction details are not secured and can be misused. This will ultimately result in loos or fall in business. You will be amaze to know that until now Iovation ReputationManager 360 is the solution, which clearl7y shares the experience of global brands. One astonishing fact, which most of the players are not aware of is that with more than 2,000 fraud experts and 300 online casino brands contributes to almost fifty thousand details of the frauds, which are being registered on daily basis. Iovation analyzed that there are more than 30% device crossover among industries and hence, this new solution is best suited to match up with the needs and requirements of the online casino industry.

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