Games Recommendation by Microgaming

Whenever a player exist from any online casino, which is powered by Microgaming, then three sets of different suggested games are displayed on the screen. Each of these sets comprise of three games. There are valid reason behind this practice. Online casinos usually do not want their players to exist their games and then move to any other online casino. Thus, they suggest players games, which they feel players mat enjoy. Generally, online casinos, which are powered by other online casino software providers offers one selection to players, whereas, those casinos, which are powered by Microgaming offer its players three selections.

Out of the three selection first selection comprise of that game, which is highly rated by players that particular day. Now the question that immediately strikes your mind is how these games are been rated. The answer is, before leaving any casino or any game players are asked to rate that particular game. Thus, Microgaming track those rates and then offer their players the game which is highly rated by other players. In the rating system players are asked to rate the game from one star to five star. The numbe45r of stars allotted to the game gives clear view regarding its impact on the player. Such as, if a game is given one star then it means that the game is not for the player, two star means it is not liked by the player, three star means the game is OK. Moving further, four star implies that the player like the game and finally five star means that the player simply loved the game.

The second set of games offered by the casino comprise of those games, which are not played by the player. This information is gathered by tacking the game on which player has wagered and the one on which he has not. With this concept Microgaming is targeting those players who love to try out new games. This way players get exposed to new and exciting games.

The third set of suggested games comprise of those games, which a players loves to play. Track of these games are gather buy the means of rating players has given to different games. Means on the past record of 3every player a questionnaire is prepared. This same questionnaire is presented in front of the player when they try to exit the game. This questionnaire has two sections one is related to the general interest of the player and the other comprise of the details of their preferred games.

In the first section players are asked to mark their field of interest, or the activities which they love to enjoy. These section may have option such as shopping, movies, traveling, computer, sports and so on. Based on this broad selection, the questions are then narrowed down. For instance, if a player has selected movies as a field of interest, then moving forwards in this field they are then asked the genera they love. These questions are used to match up games with the interest of players.

Now lets take a look on the second section, here players are asked to mark the question related to their gaming interest, like what types of online games they love to enjoy. As in the case with general field of interest here also players are asked to mark the sub classifications that he prefers.

Suppose for the Slots games, the sub classifications are video slots progressive games, classic slots, multipayline slots and various others. Similarly for blackjack games, multi hand games, hi lo games, multi deck games and side bets games.

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