Win A Day Multiple Tickets Online Keno Game

In the recent times, online casino as well as online casino games are very popula4r among players. Same is the case with a popular game keno. However, the only disadvantage or limitation of enjoying online keno game is that you cannot enjoy the game with multiple tickets as you can do in case of brick and mortal keno game. In brick and mortal casino players can buy multiple tickets and can play with all the tickets simultaneously. But this is not at all possible with online keno game. In online keno players have only one matrix consisting of eight numbers on which players can mark their selected numbers. Later, on this same matrix the called numbers are also marked. Players need to remember that 1 set of numbers, which are called can be matched with those numbers that are marked.

Recently, Win A Day casino has resolved this limitation by its latest keno release. In this keno game, at a time players can enjoy gaming with seven keno tickets. In order to make this change, the display mechanics have been changed to a great extent. Here a large matrix comprising of eighty numbers is displayed, which revels the called numbers but it does not allow you to mark your selected numbers. On the central display, there are total seven tickets, which are present on the left hand side. Each of th4ese tick4est have eighty number and the ticket is so small that it becomes very difficult to read out the numbers. This is the reason why these tickets cannot be used for marking.

Thus, a m indirect marking mechanism is undertaken. There are a large matrix having eighty numbers presen5t just below the central matrix. By keeping the c0omvenience factor in mind this matrix is placed below and this particular matrix is used for marking the numbers. First of all ticket 1 is selected by clicking on it. The required numbers get clicked on the bottom matrix and after this, they get marked on Ticket 1 in automatic manner. After this, players should go for selection of Ticket 2. Now the bottom matrix get cleared, so that players can make its utilization for marking the numbers on Ticket 2. The players are allowed to follow this process to maximum 7 marked tickets. Players are also provided with button of Quick Pick, so that they can mark 15 numbers on any of the selected tickets in random manner. When the players are allowed to move the cursor above the ticket, all the marked numbers get properly displayed in bottom matrix. This can facilitate the [players in checking tickets before they should go for starting the balls.

As the Play button is selected, immediately the twenty called numbers are displayed on the central matrix. Each of these tickets are match with different called number and are evaluated against different payouts. The number which are matched as well as the amount won the player is clearly mentioned on each and every ticket .

This change allow different numbers to be marked on each ticket. Other than this, it also allow different number of numbers to be marked on each ticket. For example, in ticket one players can mark fifteen numbers, then in ticket two they can mark up to ten numbers and third ticket they can mark suppose five numbers. This clearly shows that every ticket can be enjoyed against a different pay table. The payout of each ticket is clearedly6 displayed on the payout table column. So what are you waiting for visit Win A day casino today and enjoy this exciting online Keno game.

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