Exclusive Features of Expert Roulette Game from WagerWorks

Now days, online roulette game has become very much popular among the online casino players. This is because; game of roulette has incorporated many interesting features as compered to any other online casino games played at worldwide online casinos. However, at one time, game of roulette has become one among the boring game for players. Particularly, this has become the situation when all the glamor and attraction of gambling environment is missing in online casinos. Therefore, most of the players have taken several steps for innovating this boring game. One of the effective measures to be taken by the players for improving the game of roulette is to create variation in betting patterns. However, placing of chips on varying numbers across the layout after each of the spin has incorporated various drawbacks. Therefore, majority of online caisno software providers in their latest roulette variants have incorporated one special feature, which may facilitate the players in saving their bets.

Expert Roulette Game from Wager Works Casino Software Provider
WagerWorks, one among the leading online casino software providers have reached one step ahead in its latest variant of online roulette. This latest roulette variant of WagerWorks is titled as Expert Roulette. This variant of Roulette has facilitated its players in placing their bets on patterns with the help of one special feature known as bet accelerators.

How Betting Accelerators Work
In any of the online roulette games, players are required to move their cursor towards the area of placing bets. The players can perform this activity via any of the pointing device as trackball or mouse. After this, players have to put click for placing their bets on the corresponding betting area. Therefore, in case the gaming platform is involving 5 numbers, in this condition, players have to click five times for placing each of the chips in each of the numbers. The betting accelerators can make all these procedures very simple and easy with the help of clicking and dragging movement. This means, players are allowed to place string of bets simultaneously on any particular betting area, rather than placing only one bet on any one among the betting areas. For this, players have to hold their left mouse button, when they should move their cursor towards the betting areas. Each time, when the cursor moves towards new betting area, players are allowed to place bet of selected size of gaming chip. Firstly, this system has not seemed to be attractive among the online casino players. This is because; the numbers in the roulette game is required to be bet accelerators can perform their function only, when the numbers in required betting pattern is either vertically or horizontally adjacent to one another. The main problem in this case is that cursor can only move across two different numbers, while split bet can be placed easily among them.

Advanced Bets Feature of Expert Roulette powered by WagerWorks
Advanced bets is another helpful feature incorporated in the Expert Roulette gaming variant of WagerWorks. Players are allowed to activate the advance bets in different options. Unless the players to do perform this action, advance bets cannot able to display on the gaming screen. Advanced bets have incorporated two different parts. Firstly, players can avail the facility of saving their betting patterns. In fact, the players are allowed to save maximum 6 patterns. After placing their chips on the gaming layout, players are allowed to click on the button of Save Pattern and have to select the locations, from which they have numbers marked from 1 to 6.

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