Comparison of Online Blackjack with Online Video Poker Game

Video poker and blackjack are the two popular games played at most of the online casinos. Both of these games have incorporated many similarities and differences, which leads the comparison interesting for us. The objectives and the game play are entirely different. In the game of Blackjack, players have to beat the gaming dealers, without any requirement of busting. On the other hand, in the game of video poker, final hand of player is compared with the payout table. Blackjack was developed 500 years ago, while Video Poker was developed only before hundred years. Both of these casino games have achieved popularity among the casino players because of the same reason.

The game of video poker and blackjack can give massive average return to the players. In fact, majority of blackjack and video poker gaming variants are capable of offering a very high return of approximately 99.5%. As compared to this, European Roulette game can give average return of 97%, while that of online slot game may offer return of approximately 95%. However, the game of roulette and online slot games give such returns as guaranteed, while game of video poker and blackjack give them as conditional. In fact, in case of video poker and blackjack, players are allowed to realize higher returns only for adopting optimum strategy. In case of not employing optimum strategy, returns may go down to less than 90%.

The game of online video pokers and online blackjack are considered as skill games. The requirement of gaming skills in such cases is little bit complex, much more in some of the variants of poker games. This is because; in these games , players should have good knowledge about the hands, which they have to fold and have to raise. Fortunately, online casinos have codified the gaming skills in different forms, so that players can implement them in easy way. In the game of blackjack, these activities are performed with the help of strategy cards, which are represented in table forms and players can follow them in easy manner.

In addition, most of the renowned casino software providers as Microgaming have included the feature of Auto Play, so that players can commit any mistake. The strategy of video poker game can be described as sequential series of selections. In fact, the strategy is not so much convenient as the strategy involved in playing the game of blackjack. The strategy can be applied in better manner, if the players memorize them properly. In addition, software providers have not incorporated optimum strategy of video poker within their games. In fact, some of the casino software providers mark the gaming cards as held in their video poker games, in case of already forming winning combinations. However, incorporation of entire optimum strategy should have to be perilous and naive.

The main difference among the games of blackjack and video poker are associated with payout ratios. According to the gaming rules of any of the online blackjack variants, normal bets are capable of paying even money, while winnings on blackjack can pay 3 to 2. Therefore, accumulation of huge winnings in the game of blackjack is definitely one type of grind. Some of the variants of online blackjack may give independent side bets, along with high ratio of payout. However, average return on such bets are extremely low that players cannot club them with the main game of blackjack. The payouts in case of any of the online video poker variants start with even money. However, there occurs massive variation in the high value of payouts.

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