How to Protect Online Customers from New Phishing Trends of Fraudsters

Now days, most of the online casino players are performing their casino transactions with the help of online websites. Transactions with the help of online websites may result in theft of funds. This is because; there are large numbers of online fraudsters, who may hold the confidential financial information of online customers. The confidential information may be associated with numbers on credit cards, pin numbers of online banking or many other related information. The online casinos storing their information on their online servers have virtually made their servers secured to hackers. Therefore, currently, fraudsters are attacking the online customers themselves.

Phishing is New Trend of Fraudsters
Currently, fraudsters are employing their new trend as Phishing. According to this process, fraudsters used to send one e-mail to online casino players with the help of e-mail address, which is identical with the e-mail of financial services providers. In fact, the mail send by fraudsters are so much similar that many unsuspecting players may perceive that they have received the mail from financial services providers. These e-mails may directly ask players for providing the password of their electronic wallet accounts, operation codes or entire credit card details of players. These types of mails can be recognized easily as phishing emails. However, there are many fraudsters acting in subtle manner. These fraudsters may advice players to make variation in their passwords. Even, most of the fraudsters may inform the online casino players that their old passwords are not valid and players are unable to operate their electronic wallet or online casino accounts. These fraudsters provide links in e-mail, from which players can move to the page, which is more or less similar to the pages of financial service providers in detail. In fact, these online pages are of the fraudsters. In case, online casino players commit mistake of making amendments in the password on that web page, fraudsters get easy access to password of their online customers. Hence, fraudsters can commit theft of all online funds of the consumers.

Protection from Phishing Trend of Fraudsters
The customers can be protected from phishing trend of fraudsters with the help of some simple measures. Firstly, the online customers should never have access to their online account or electronic wallet via link in any of the email. Firstly, you should access these sites either directly from internet and with the help of any link from some of the reputable search engines, as Google, Yahoo and Bing and so on. Thus, online players can ensure themselves that they are not entering into any of the fake website. In case, any of the received mail is intending to be from financial service provider, you should contact the customer support system of service provider and made the verification about the mail. You should never reveal you password or any other confidential information in any of the mail messages. When you are entering this type of sensitive information at any of the online casino or e-wallet account, you should ensure yourselves that link is properly secured by having a look on the icon given in browser. In addition, you should properly read all the safety instructions given by financial services providers and should strictly comply with them. Lastly, online players should always remember that thieves and fraudsters can achieve success in stealing the funds of online customers only if the online customers are careless. Disclosing of passwords of your e-mails and any other types of confidential information is similar to handing over you key of safe deposit to the thieves.

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