How Keno Game is Played in China and North America

The game of keno is originally known as the lottery game of China. This is because; this simplest for of gambling activity has observed its origin in the country of China. Original lottery game of China is actually one teaching aid, which is based on the rhyme of children. The main purpose of this rhyme is to teach 1000 characters to the children, which is essential for their learning purpose. The poem is titled as TCC i.e. Thousand Character Classic, which has incorporated 1000 non-repeating children rhymes. In 200 B.C., Cheung Leung has launched this lottery game of China. This great personality has made the utilization of starting 120 characters of TCC for creating new betting system. In this game, players have to mark the correct characters with the help of brush and ink. Players marking the correct characters may have the opportunity to receive huge prizes.

How to Play Ancient Keno Game
In the ancient keno game or lottery game of China, players have to select particular character set from total 120 symbols of China. The game developers have subdivided 120 characters in to 8 different sub categories. The emperor used to draw random combinations in two days. In case the players loss one of the subcategories, they would suffer loss in three additional bets. On the other hand, if they win any particular category, they could have the opportunity to win 10 additional bets. We know that during the ancient times, Chinese use their messenger doves for delivering the lottery results to the vast domain. During this time, the game has obtained the title of White Pigeon Game. This game is mostly played at one time in the morning and in the evening.

During the modern times of China, this form of keno game is titled as TCC and is continuing to play for 2 times in one day. The players have to select 80 characters from total 1000 characters, which are arranged in divisions on particular card. Ten characters are responsible for making one division. Players are allowed to place their bet according to their own choice of gaming subcategory. However, the sub category is dependent on the gaming variation, which they used to play for enhancing their winning amounts.

Keno Game in North America
In 19th century, none of the citizens of North America was aware about keno game or lottery game of China. This is because; immigrants of China have recently brought this game in to the city of California. Gold Rush has resulted in the luring of such immigrants to North America. However, keno game has very soon grabbed the attraction of players in California, Nevada and in many other cities of America. The terminology of keno is actually the original name for the game of bingo. The gambling businessmen of Nevada has given nickname as 'Horse Racing Keno' to this lottery game of China.

This is because, horse racing activities are considered as legal, while lottery games are regarded as illegal in the country of America. Casino operators are responsible for operating the fictional horse racing activities and every number is regarded as frictional horse representative. The players have to select the winning horses. Even at present, the game of keno is termed as races. Casino players mostly used to say that they are either to wards the race game or off towards the races. The players have to write 80 numbers on paper pieces and then0 deposit them inside the cardboard tubes. Players may draw 20 numbers on these paper slips for each of the keno game.

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