Bonus Systems Employed by Multiple Online Casinos

Now days, most of the online casino players prefer to play casino games in multiple online casinos. Multiple online casinos those online casinos, in which players may get the opportunity to select the currency, with which they are willing to place their bets. Some of the common currencies offered by well-known multiple casinos are GPB, EUR and USD and so on. However, these casinos face one common issue in front of them. The issue is associated with the way of framing bonus structures. The main significance behind the issue is that exchange rate among different currencies are not equal to unity.

Equating Real Value of Bonuses
Equation of real value of bonuses is one of the common methods associated with offering of casino bonuses employed by multiple online casinos. We know that 100 USD is approximately similar in value with 70 GBP and 75 EUR. Therefore, most of the online casinos offer casino bonuses equal to USD 100. In the similar manner, these casinos offer EUR 75 and GBP 70 to the players, placing their bets in EUR and GBP respectively. This implies that numerically, casinos offer higher bonuses for USD bonuses as compared to bonuses in GBP and EUR. However, the online casinos are facing many problems associated with this system. This is because; exchanging rates may fluctuate on daily basis, which may result in significant fluctuations after months. On the hand, casino owners cannot alter the bonus structure in frequent manner. Moreover, they used to offer bonuses in round figures. For instance, the owners of multiple casinos do not offer bonus as 68.6. Therefore, they have made some approximations for nullifying the principles of equating some of the real values.

The method of equating the real bonus value has incorporated one more problem to be faced by online casinos. This is because; players, who are placing their bets with 1 credit in GBP are placing higher real value amount as compared to players placing their bets with only 1 credit in USD. Now, if the casinos offer bonuses by equating the real values, players placing their bets in GBP may face injustice in terms of bet. Therefore, currently, most of the online casinos are numerically similar bonuses to all of their players. This implies, multiple casinos are offering bonuses of USD 100, EUR 100 and GBP 100 to the players placing their bets in USD, EUR and GBP respectively. Therefore, players placing their bets in GBP may place more amount of bet in real terms and receive higher amount of bonuses in real terms.

Play United Bonus System
One of the online casinos is employing second type of bonus system for their players. This system is known as Play United. The system of Play United is initially powered via RTG i.e. Realtime Gaming software, but recently this bonus system has switched to Playtech software. This bonus system may offer 4 tier welcome bonus, which may increase to maximum 750 credits regardless of the currency used for placing the bets. In the first installment, players may receive bonus of 100 percent of their deposit, which result in maximum limit of 150 credits. In the second installment, players may receive 25 percent bonus on their deposit to maximum 150 credits and so on. The players placing their bets in USD may receive bonuses in USD. Even, for such players maximum limit is also kept at USD. In the same manner, players placing their bets in EUR may have their bonuses and maximum limits at EUR. Lastly, the players placing their bets in GBP may have both of their bonuses and maximum limit at GBP.

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