Myths and Misconceptions in Video Poker Game

Video Poker is one of the popular games played by the casino players across the world. However, this game is also surrounded by large numbers of myths. The reason behind such myths is that most of the superstitious casino players come up with several misconceptions and myths associated with video poker. Whenever these players brought some ideas regarding video poker, it gets spread among other players as similar to wildfire. Some of the biggest mistakes and misconceptions associated with video poker games are mentioned in this article.

Myth Associated with Gambler's Fallacy
This is one of the common misconceptions among the players of both slot and video poker games. Most of the players perceive that as the machine has not hit any massive payout for while, it may due for hitting the one very soon. However, this misconception is false in every aspect and is termed as gambler's fallacy.

To falsify this misconception, players have to keep in their minds that each of the poker hands is entirely different from any other poker hands. This implies that previous hand does not result in creating any effect to current hand, while current hand does not result in creating any effect to the coming hand. Thus, each of the poker hands are independent of one another. Therefore, fact is that if the gaming machine does not give some big hit, is not due to give payout very soon.

Myth Associated with Maximum Betting Amount
Most of the players perceive that they should place their bet with highest number of coins in each hand. The maximum bet is equal to 5 credits. This is because; majority of video poker machines allow its players to select their coin bet from minimum 1 credits to maximum 5 credits.

The myth is definitely false, if the players are perceiving that they may receive higher hands for placing their bets with highest number of credits. However, this conception may be correct as majority of video poker games give massive bonuses for royal flushes only, when players place bet with maximum credits. Although, royal flushes do not come across, the bonus amount results in significant decrease of house edge in the long run.

Therefore, placing of bet with highest numbers of credits is justified. However, in case you are playing in any of the machine, which has negative expectations, you should not place bet with highest numbers of coins. Instead, you should try to conserve your money. In case, you are having only $100 and trying your luck in playing $1 gaming machine, you should play with only one coin per hand, so that you can obtain bankroll of 100 hands.

Myths associated with Control of Cards
Now, we may have discussions regarding the idea of majority of players that in case you are pushing 'Draw' or 'Deal' at the correct time, you may have the opportunity to win huge amount of money. Some of the video poker players prefer to make use of their watches, so that they can push buttons only at specific times. On the other hand, other players intent to give focus on pulsing lights of casino and hit the gaming buttons only at the time of pulsing of light. Definitely, you may identify that the myth is entirely ridiculous. The video poker machine has no idea about the timing of your watches or the action of light across the casino room.

Myths Related with Gimmicks
Lastly, most of the players associated with video poker games have misconception that gimmick video poker games incorporate better odds as compared to any traditional video poker game, such as Jacks or Better. This myth is true in some of the cases, but false in others.

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