Basic Terminologies associated with Keno Game

Now days, keno games have become very much popular among worldwide online casino players. This is because; keno is considered as one of the easy gambling activity as compared to any other online casino games. In addition, winning results in keno games are solely dependent on the luck of players, instead of any expertise strategies. Therefore, currently, most of the online players are giving high preference to keno and other lottery games.

Although, game of keno is popular played at majority of renowned online casinos across the world, but still most of the players are entirely unknown with the terminologies employed in the keno game. Therefore, with the help of this article, we are giving our major concern in describing some of the common terminologies employed in any keno game.

Average Limit or Aggregate Limit
Firstly, the keno players should have good knowledge regarding the aggregate limit or average limit. Average limit can be defined as the total amount of money in the form of liability kept by casinos at the time of keno game.

Keno Balls
Secondly, the players of keno game should have the knowledge about the terminology of balls. Balls are employed for selecting the winning numbers on any particular game of keno. Keno balls are mostly numbered between 1 and 80.

Bankroll of Players
Bankroll is one of the common terminologies employed in keno games. In fact, this terminology is employed in any types of casino games such as baccarat, bingo, video poker and blackjack and so on. Bankroll can be defined as the total amount of money, from which players have to place their bets in any of the keno games or any other casino games.

Keno Bet
Keno bet can be defined as the amount of money, with which players wager in any of the keno games.

Combination Tickets in Keno
Now, we will have our discussions regarding the combination tickets in any keno game. Combination keno ticket, as the name is suggesting, incorporates special type of keno tickets, which allows the players in placing several types of bets.

Conditioning in Keno Game
Majority of land-based casinos make use of various slang names associated with terms and conditions of playing different variants of keno game. The process of allocating slang named is referred as Conditioning in Keno game.

Free Play Keno

Now days, majority of online casinos offer keno games, in which players do not have to place their bets. These games are known as Free Play keno games. These games are also known as demo or practice keno games.

Keno House Edge

House edge in any particular keno game represents the number of bets, which the house may expect from the players winning over time. Players have to pay minimum 20 percent to maximum 30 percent of house edge in any Keno game.

Draw and Hit in Keno Game

Draw is simply a name assigned for the drawn numbers in any particular game of Keno. Hit in keno game takes place when any one among the marked numbers of players comes in any Keno draw.

Keno Payoff

Payoff in any particular keno game can be defined as the winning amount of players having their numbers hit.

Progressive Jackpot in Keno Game

Progressive Jackpot can be defined as the massive amount of money, which the players win for playing with maximum numbers and each of the marked numbers as hit.

Split Keno Ticket

Split ticket in any keno game can be defined as special ticket incorporating more than one group of numbers. Thus, players can play such tickets in separate manner.

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