Fight for Implementation of Legalized Online Gambling in US

The future of regulated and legalized online gambling in the country of United States is certainly poised on knife edge. The reason behind this is that none of us can make predictions about what will happen regarding the online gambling implementation in the coming future. In fact, proponents and opponents both are not giving a single inch regarding the US online gambling legalization.
The bill of Barney Frank can be considered as one of the most likely route towards the implementation of legalized online gambling in US. The bill has given its prime focus on the legalization of online gambling and highlighted whole regulatory mechanism associated with gambling activities. In case the gambling bill of Frank passed, definitely it can repeal UIGEA in America. However, Frank's bill have to pass through very long way, but the time has run out. Currently, bill is in the Committee of House Financial Services.

Firstly, the gambling bill has to obtain the approval from the Committee. After this, the bill has to be passed by House. Once the bill obtains the approval from house, it has to obtain approval from Senate. Now, after the approval of Senate, President have to put signature on the bill, so that it ultimately becomes new gambling law. On 1st of June in 2010, UIGEA rules have implied in America. Therefore, proponents of online gambling law have to complete all these legal formalities before the implementation of UIGEA.

However, as the gambling bill was lying in front of the committee for very long duration, so, it seems to be impossible that all the essential steps can be completed before the implementation of UIGEA.

Therefore, most of the people having high interest in the gambling sector are having one common question in their minds. The question is “Whether Justice Department and Treasury give permission for second extension regarding the implementation of UIGEA regulations in USA?” This is because; if they do not give permission for the extension, UIGEA regulation can be implemented in America. The implementation of UIGEA has become one of the major setback in online gambling sector of America. This is obvious that fight regarding the implementation of regulated online gambling may continue, but it becomes very tough task for the gambling proponents.

The gambling authorities are not likely to grant second extension regarding the implementation of UIGEA regulations. In the month of December 2009, US authorities have granted its first extension. The granting of this extension can be perceived as one of the fairness acts. However, the second extension might convey the message of weakness and mental preparedness towards the extension of legalized online gambling in United States. Therefore, it is very difficult to obtain the second extension in implementation of UIGEA.

However, if the proponents of online gambling bill make sure about the passage of Frank's Bill from the Committee in to the House, they can claim for the second extension. In case, Barney Frank, along with other members ensure that the gambling bill will be voted in favorable manner in House also, they can easily obtain the second extension regarding UIGEA rules.

During this meantime, majority of other organizations, whose future is connected with online gambling have started taking started taking several steps in their most favorable manner. For instance, during the year 2009, Harrah is regarded as one of the huge casino group of United States. Therefore, majority of experts associated with the gambling sector have given their predictions that Harrah casino would become the first to enter in to the online gambling sector of United States.

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