Famous Blackjack Scenes Played by Popular Movie Characters

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games, it does not matter much that weather you play blackjack in brick and mortal casino or in online casino, because its a game offering players a fair chance to win huge amount. Thus, now its clear that why most of the Hollywood movies prefer to keep blackjack scenes in their movie. In this article we have discussed about some of the most popular blackjack scenes in the Hollywood movies.

International Man of Mystery
When we talk about the people who prefer to enjoy online blackjack game only because they can practice free games, then the first name that comes to our mind is Austin Powers. The character of Austin Powers was played Mike Myers, we are thankful to him that he did so otherwise we would have missed the funniest blackjack scene of all-time. The entire setup of this scene was very glamorized baccarat and blackjack games just like the one found in James Bond movies.

Twenty one
Most of the blackjack movies mentioned in this article have only one blackjack scene. However, '21' is somewhat different from other stories of blackjack. This is because; in '21', it is very difficult for us to select only one scene. This is because; the whole movie is themed on one of the legendary MIT Team of Blackjack. However, for earning money, the Blackjack scene, in which Ben Campbell learned the card counting process is interesting than any other scenes of blackjack. Campbell, along with MIT Team of Blackjack have met with Pr. Micky Rosa in one of the blackjack classrooms. This is because, they are willing to have lessons related with card counting process with the help of chalkboard and flashcard tests. This may really provide unique training angle for becoming one of the successful blackjack card counter. Majority of actual scenes of blackjack are frittered with several ridiculous chasing scenes, where team of blackjack intents in evading pit bosses and security of casino.

Players who wish to enjoy blackjack game weather online or in land based casino need to pay due attention on the bankroll management. However, one of the chief Swingers characters Mike played by John Favreau, he unknowingly purchased $100 minimum bet game from his bankroll, which is just $300. After this, when Mike realized that he became a fool then he started offending etiquette rules. After this, following his friends advice he started blackjack at the lower stakes table with his remaining $100.

The Hangover
At the time of one bachelor party, Alan Garner has applied his skills of card counting, so that he could receive massive amount worth $80,000. This is because; Garner and his friends have the requirement of $80,000, so that they can save one of their friends as Doug Hostage from gangsters. The gangsters have claimed to keep Doug Hostage in their custody and would give him back unless Garner and their friends pay $80,000 to them. The decision of Alan Garner for playing the game of blackjack has proved to be very good. This is because; he succeeded in getting the required money to be paid to the gangsters.

Rain Man
Another Hollywood movie is titled as Rain Man. This movie has romanticized ideas of card counting. This is because; Charlie Babbit has taken his brother as Raymond Babbit for Las Vegas trip. Raymond Babbit has the problem of autism. Therefore, his mental capacity is limited in most of the sectors of life. However, he has an outstanding mathematical skill, which Charlie likes to exploit in game of blackjack. Thus, these two brothers have registered massive winnings in blackjack tables because of card counting skills of Raymond.

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