Different Ways Of Hitting Online Progressive Jackpots

Different players have different reasons for enjoying online slots game but the hidden reason among all the players is to win massive amount while having fun. Moving further in the cue we have progressive jackpots, this jackpot is very popular among online casino players. The thing, which makes progressive jackpot so interesting is the different and exclusive gaming experience it offers to players. One very common difference is the way progressive jackpot is hit.

Usually in most of the online slots game the progressive jackpot is hit when a set of specific symbols appears on the reel on an active payline. Slots following this procedure for jackpot hit are commonly refereed to as traditional slots. Generally the specified symbol is the wild symbol and it is linked with the theme on which the game is released. For instance, if we take a look on Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software providers, then in King Cashalot slots game released by Microgaming the progressive jackpot is hit when the King symbol appears on the reel.

Now as the amount associated with progressive jackpot is huge, usually moving in million on dollars, so software providers or the respective casinos always place a condition that players need to wager the maximum specified amount so as to get eligible for the progressive jackpot win. This means that players need to place bet on all the paylines that too with the maximum coins possible and with highest wagering denominations as well. Thus, the progressive jackpot is hit when the pre-decided combination of symbols appear on the last active payline.

King Cashalot slots has nine payline and the progressive jackpot is claimed when five King symbols appear on the 9th payline. However, if the symbol appeared on any other active payline then the player will receive the fixed payout worth fifteen thousand.
In some of the progressive slots game the jackpot is hit by some of the random events going on outside the game. In this case there is absolutely no need to come up with an specified set of symbols on an active payline. The software of the game is programmed in such a way that it automatically hit the progressive jackpot at a specified probability. Online slots games having this type of regressive jackpot are commonly refereed to as RGPSJ i.e. random progressive slots jackpots. One of the best example of this type of slots is the Marvel Hero slots game, which is released by Cryptologic.

Apart from the above two methods, there is an another way by which jackpot can be hit and it is the random manner. This is quite different from the above two, in this the progressive jackpot is hit when some specific event take place inside the bonus game. Now the bonus game gets activated by a specific combination of symbols in the game but in this case, its not so here the bonus game gets activated randomly. The best and the most popular example of this type of slots game is Mega Moolah slots game, which is a Microgaming release. The bonus game gets activated randomly, in this bonus round player spin the reel, which stop exactly at the position of progressive jackpot.

Unlike traditional progressive slots games, this random progressive slots inspire players for placing higher wager on the game. Thus, the software of these games are programmed in such a way that probability of hitting the jackpot become higher more when placing maximum wager on the game. This is the reason why players keep on placing higher wagers with the hop of winning massive progressive jackpot.

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