Various Brick and Mortal Baccarat Variations

Baccarat is considered as one of the most popular casino games among gamblers. In all there are three different variant of baccarat game that can be enjoyed in different brick and mortal casinos. The online baccarat version is based on one of the easiest variants. In this article, we have discussed in detail the basic difference between the different baccarat variants as well as why it is different to enjoy more glamorous variants in an online casinos.

Usually the online baccarat version is based on the popular land=based baccarat variant known as Punto Banco. In this, Punto stands for players whereas Banco stands for bankers. This game is extremely popular in American casinos specially the one found in Nevada. In Punto banco game the hand of player as well as banker is played by the casino itself and wagerers have nothing to do in this case. The only thing players need to do is to decide that whether the bet need to placed on the player, banker or the Tie Bet. Players always wager on the casino, which ultimately gathers the losing wagers and pay out on the winning once. In this baccarat, there is no wagerer to wagerer interaction hence it can be easily enjoyed in the online casino.

One of the most well known variant of brick and mortal casino baccarat is known as Chemin de Fer. This game is portrayed in most of the movies related to James Bond. In this game wagerers play in front of each other or you can say against each other. The role of casino is limited to just facilitate the game and then take a rake. Players place their bet for the bankers position with the highest bidding possible. After this players take the house position and whole of the wagered amount goes to bankers money. This is the moment when he becomes the dealer and deal with bankers card. Other players enjoying the game wager on the player to win the game.

Wagerer who wager the most will get the opportunity to play players hand. In Chemin de Fer baccarat game if banker wins the the player playing the bankers hand will win the game and will collect the cash amount. On the contrary, if the players hand win then in that case, then player playing the players hand will receive all the bet at even money. The bets are placed in such way that their total value cannot exceed from the amount kept in the bank. The players bidding for position of Banker is allowed to continue their game as banker, until they suffer loss in their hands or alternatively, relinquish their positions. The position of any Banker can move in either counterclockwise direction or in clockwise direction, according to the rules of any particular casino. In case, players do not want to become the banker, they can pass and next player can become the Banker. The reason why Chemin de Fer is not adopted by online casino or the why it cannot be enjoyed in online casino is that here wagerers enjoy the game against each other or against another wagerer and in turn holds the bank as well.

The third brick and mortal baccarat variant is the Baccarat Banque. In this gaming variant players play against the house. In all there are three positions one is the bankers position and the other two are players position. Usually, casino play the bankers part. The remaining players positions are played by two players. The interesting point here is that bankers cannot exercise any option but players can exercise option for the 3rd card. Like the above variant it is also very difficult for the online casinos to adapt this gaming variant.

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