New 3D Roulette Released By Playtech

Few years back the exciting 3-dimensional roulette game was first launched by playtech, one of the well known online casino software providers. This 3-dimensional roulette game use to follow the European roulette rules and allows various types of bets such as the track bets, call bets and so on. This game is quite different from the usual online roulette game and incorporates certain features, which will help novice players to get familiar with this new version of the online roulette game.

In almost all of the online roulette game wagering layout is spread along the whole of the gaming screen and the wheel is present at the end. However, in case of 3-dimensional roulette game, 3D view of the wheel is present ta the center and the wagering layout is present in 2D view above the wheel. The layout of the wheel is comparatively smaller as compared to the normal view but it is appropriate enough to give a clear view on the window screen. If players enjoy the game in full screen version then there is absolutely no difficulty in enjoying the game with complete ease.

The interesting feature of this 3D Roulette powered by Playtech is the Visual feature, which is available to us on the top of the gaming screen. This facilitates the players in configuring all the visuals of roulette wheel. Although, such facilities cannot create any effect in the betting process, but still this feature is interesting and innovative to grab the attraction of players at initial stage. This function has incorporated various options in the form of removal of central lines, removal of turret arms and elimination of all color shading. Players are allowed to toggle various options and should stick with the option, which they prefer most. In addition, most of the superstitious players can also work out with various options, which is luckiest for them.

The novices of roulette game are not well-aware with the payouts obtained by placing varying bets of roulette. In normal variant of roulette, gaming payouts get displayed as the players move their cursor across different betting points on the layout of roulette. Players can have this facility also in Playtech powered 3D Roulette game. However, in this condition, 3D Roulette has incorporated some cumbersome gaming mechanisms. Therefore, this roulette variant has provided one pay table, which the players can access by clicking on 'Pay table' button placed just next to 'Visual' button.

The most interesting and the useful feature this 3-dimensional game posses is the Breakdown feature. As happens in most of the online roulette game when the player win the game the winning amount is clearly mentioned in the Win cell. Other than this, a visual displaying the winning amount appears ay the center of the screen. In case, the player enjoy the game by wagering multiple bets then winning is not displayed anywhere. Now it happens that most of the players get confused regarding the amount won by them in this case, they can simply click on the Breakdown option. This will give them clear and break up of the amount won by them.

Other then the special feature the 3-dimensional roulette game has various other features, which are commonly found in all types of online roulette game. The winning amount and the wagering amount it displayed on the screen from time to time. There is a special repeat option by clicking on this option you can simply repeat your wager repeatedly. These were the interesting and the unique features possessed by the 3D online roulette game.

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