Are American Roulette Superior Than The European Version?

By having a look on the house edge difference between European roulette and American roulette game one can easily make out that European roulette game is quite better as compared to the American roulette game. This is because the house edge associated with the European roulette game is just 2.70% whereas the house edge associated with the American roulette game is 5.25%. This is the reason why most of the players prefer to enjoy European roulette game instead of its American version.

However, house edge is not the only thing to be considers while enjoying roulette game because there are situations when American roulette game proves to be more attractive and advantageous to players. In this article, we have discussed about some of the scenarios where enjoying American roulette game is a better option over the European roulette game.

You’re in a United States Casino
The first and the foremost situation where American roulette is preferred, is when you do not have any other option. This situation frequently arises in United States casino, this is because many of their wheels have thirty-eight numbers including zero and double zero, rather than the European roulette where there are total thirty-seven numbers including one single zero. As such players who are visiting US based brick and mortal casino are forced to play American roulette game because they do not have the option of European roulette there. If you are also facing the similar situation then we suggest you to enjoy online roulette as there you will be offered by European roulette version.

European Roulette features a High Minimum Bet
There are times when US based brick and mortal casino offer players European roulette but ta the same time they make such arrangements that players theme self quite the decision to play European roulette. This is usually done via minimum bets, here players are asked top place a minimum bet of twenty-five dollars in order to enjoy the game. Now there are players you can afford this bet but it causes twenty-five dollar bet again and again can cause adverse affect on the bankroll management. In this situation, the option of enjoying American roulette game seems better because here you only need to wager minimum five dollars to enjoy the game.

House Edge-reducing Rules are offered
Casinos are well aware of the fact that roulette players are not fools who will knowingly play the game having higher house edge. Thus, for attracting them towards this game they have added a version of the La Partage rule, this is present in the European roulette version. This rule is in favor of the player here players who loose their bet when the ball lands on to single zero or double zero will now loose only half of their original wagering amount. This means that if you wagered ten dollars on the game and the ball landed on zero or double zero then you will loose only five dollar rather then whole of the ten dollars. This ultimately leads to drop of house edge from 5.26% to just 2.63%, this means that the house edge now become even less then the European roulette game. This rule is usually found in the Atlantic city and in online roulette games as well. Apart from including rules in favor of the players, casino also hosts some of the exciting promos surrounding this interesting and exciting American roulette game.

Thus, these are some of the situations when a player finds American roulette game far better and advantageous as compared to the European roulette game.

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