Some of the Heart-Breaking Casino Slots Jackpot Stories

Although, different people have different reasons for enjoying casino games but the common and the frequently found reason is the ratio of jackpot winning stories. A number if slots players have won lifer changing amount and have become multi-millionaires in no time, the list comprise of a Finnish man who made his mind to enjoy slots game just one night and won the massive jackpot worth $15.8 million.

Unluckily, every players who wins massive jackpot amount fails to keep the winning amount with them, this means that along with some happy stories there are some horrible winning stories as well. Here in this article we have discussed about some of the most heart-breaking slots jackpot winning stories in the gaming history.

Not so Golden Years
Pauline McKee, a 87-years-old lady was enjoying Miss Kitty slots game at Iowa’s Isle Casino. Suddenly, one of her fortunate spin hit the unbelievable Progressive jackpot worth $41.8 million. The only problem with this slots game was that it was a penny slots game having the top jackpot of ten thousand dollars. Both Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission as well as Isle Casino employees have agreed on the fact that this win took place only because of a communication board error. When McKee was told about this she tried her best to sue case against Iowa’s Isle Casino for not updating the Miss Kitty slots game but at the end of the day nothing came out of it.

From Jackpot Winner to Psychological Meltdown
Behar Merlaku, a 26-years-old man was the one who was ready to stay home for enjoying online slots game. Merlaku has experienced severe heartbreak at Casino Bregenz. This happened when he thought that he won the biggest slots jackpot of €43 million.

As he came to knew about his winning he started jumping with happiness, however, life of this happiness was very sort. Whole of the celebration suddenly changed in to sorrow when the casino officials informed him that his win took place because of some software error. After this he suffered from huge mental stress and psychological issues. When he recovered from this problem he looked for legal help when as per our knowledge he haven’t received any winning amount.

A Long Wait for Nothing
Jerry Rape of Alabama is another false winner of slot games. He was trying his luck on the slot machine of Creek Casino in Alabama. Initially, the slot machine revealed that Jerry received $1,377,015 jackpot from Creek Casino. However, before he receives the award, manager of the casino venue told that $1.38 million jackpot of Rape is only because of the technical problem in slot machine. Later on, Jerry tried to sue Creek Casino in the nearby court. However, courts ruled the case, as the casino was operating on tribal grounds. This implies court had no jurisdictions regarding this matter.

A Haunted Past
Among all the heart breaking stories we have discussed above, Gerald Phillips is the only one who got success in keeping his winning amount worth $5.7 million, he won this amount at Casino Arizona and managed to keep most part of it. Phillips paid more than $361,184 for the crime his wife committed, his wife was a caretaker and committed some crime in this regard.
Although, this last story does not turned to be as bad as the other once. Thus, its truly said that enjoying online casino games is a good option in various sense, at least here players do not face any sort of technical error. Thus make sure that you esquire about the slots machine before you start playing that.

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