Gamble Game Feature released By Microgaming

Gamble Game is one of the most interesting feature found in online slots games re;ease by some of the well known online casino software providers such as Playtech and Microgaming. This feature enable players to enhance the payout won by them at zero house edge. Most of the players may feel that the game is completely risk free but its not so, because in case the player looses in the gamble round then they lose the whole of the payout won by them in online slots spins.

Hitherto, the Gamble Game function offered by Microgaming works in the following manner. Firstly, players have to stake whole of the payout won in the online slots game . Players can opt to guess the color of the upcoming card that whether it will be red or black.

In case, you make correct guess then your payout will be doubled instantly. Or else it will be lost. Other then color player can also opt to guess the the suit of the next card, that whether it will be dealt with heart, clubs, diamond and spades. Here if you make correct guess then your payout will be quadrupled or else will be lost completely.
In the month of May 2012, Microgaming has released a brand new online slots game named Untamed Bengal Tiger. This new slots game has an updated version of the gamble game as well named Your Gamble. The gamble game is not a compulsion instead its optional. However, as the game is newly launched so as you start enjoying the game a prompt message appears on the screen that reminds you about the available Gamble game feature.

The screen that appears after the activation of the gamble game feature is absolute different from the earlier screen. Rules of the game is clearly described on the left side of the screen. The buttons that are required to operate the game is arranged aside of the usual buttons. The center of the screen has a globe where your game is actually played.

The Bet cell is responsible for indicating the payout amount, which is kept at stake. By default, Collect cell can display the amount, with which we can start the gamble game. Players are allowed to click on Collect button, so that they can accumulate the amount inside the Collect cell and can put an end to the Gamble Game. In addition, you are available with Bank button, on which players can click to save 50 percent of their payouts. The amount of placed bets get halved, while second half gets displayed inside the Bank cell.

Before and after banking, the amount mentioned in the Bet cell is the amount wagered by the player on Your Gamble feature. The name of the feature is your gamble because here as per the convenience players can set the target maximum twenty times their wager amount.

The players are allowed to select exact multiplier, so that they can manipulate both minus and plus buttons available at any particular side of Gamble to Win cell. This cell is unable to display the multiplier, but can display the amount winning from the stake. In case, multiplier has 20 divisions, the globe will have 20 different sectors.

Out of twenty, one sector will be colored green and the remaining nineteen sectors will be colored red. From this clicking once on the minus option will give rise to two green buttons and eighteen red buttons. As the number of red decreases the number of green increases and with this the multipliers also decreases.

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