Learn About Valuing Hands before Enjoying Online Baccarat Game

As far as online baccarat game in concerned both banker's hand as well as player's hand are played by the software provider. Thus, its very essential that players need to understand the value of cards and in which situation you can draw some extra cards. Players just need to decide that whether they want to place their wager on player or on the banker and after this software does the rest of the work. Players enjoying baccarat game in brick and mortal casino study the situation and accordingly place there wager either on player's hand or on Banker's hand. Thus, they need to be well aware of the hand value system in baccarat game. 

value of hand depends on the value of card. Cards starting from two to nine are valued on their respective face value. Ace card is valued one point, whereas other cards like jacks, king, tens or queen are marked zero. For getting the hand value the value of hands are first added and after that the tens digit is dropped. This means that the value of hands basically range between zero to nine. Consider an example where hand comprise of 8 and 9. value of both the cards will be equal to their face value i.e. nine and nine only and the total of the two will be seventeen. Now as discussed above after dropping the tens digit the total value becomes seven. Consider another example where you have one king and one three then in this case the value of the hand becomes three because king has zero value and three have the its face value.

First of all, players are allowed to dealt with two hands. However, if the value of hand range between zero to five then player is asked to draw third card. On the contrary, if bankers hand is eight and nine then drawing third card is not allowed. Part from this, in any other circumstances players do not need to draw a third card. In case, players draws the third card then the value of hand will be decided based on all the three cards.

Bankers also deal with two cards faced up. Dealers can also draw the third card rules for them for drawing the third is very complicated. Drawing of third card for banker depends on value of player's hand, banker's hand value as well as on the value of the third card drawn by the player. It goes like, if player's hand value is eight or nine then in this case banker is not allowed to draw the third card. How ever, if players hand value range between six or seven then banker can draw the third card.

Now if Player's hand is between zero to five then high level of confusion arises because now, banker need to follow even more complicated set of rules. These rules depends solely on third card value of the player and the existing hand value of the banker. Lets take a look on those rules:

If hand value of banker range between zero to two then bankers always draw the third card.
If Bankers hand value is three then also they can draw the third card but only if the players hand is not eight.
Now if banker's hand value is four then players can draw the third card but only when players hand value is between two to seven.
If banker hand value is five the also they can draw the third card but only players hand value is between four to seven.

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