Football Keno Progressive is the Popular Football Themed Casino Game

Football is regarded as one of the popular sports across the world. In fact, this is the game, which is played at most of the places across the world. After the completion of World Cup Football, the football fans have observed many exciting moments of football in English Premier League. The players of online casino are also fond of observing many exciting football matches of prestigious football events. Therefore, majority of online gaming software providers have developed their online slot games themed on football games. In fact, casino gaming software have released large numbers of casino games on World Cup occasions. However, majority of online players are unaware about one of the popular keno game themed on football. This soccer themed keno game is titled as Football Keno Progressive.

The game of Football Keno can be played in normal way. However, the keno game is visually formatted, so that it can appear as appealing for the fans of football games. The grid is consisting of 80 numbers, in which the players have to mark against one horizontally running field of football. Each half of the soccer field has 5 different columns. Firstly, the players have to select one particular color of shirt from nine different options available to them. After this, wen the players mark any number on the grid, shirt will display with the printed number.

The layout gives many interesting options to the fans of football games, while forming different patterns. The players are allowed to select the numbers, so that they can have their favorite football formation at one of the side of football field. A team of football is consisting 11 players on the flied. However, in any Football Keno, players are allowed to pack half of their grid with maximum 15 shirts. Alternatively, players are allowed to arrange the formation on both sides of their football field. However, the main problem in this case is that the shirts on two different sides of the football field are identical.

The 20 balls of keno games incorporate the styles of football balls, having their hexagonal and pentagonal patterns. These balls have drawn numbers, which are properly marked on them. Tiny football display on the gaming grid inside the squares of the drawn numbers. In case the numbers get coincide with marked numbers, background of such numbers get converted into yellow from green color. After the completion of the game, players are allowed to hear the sound of various cheering spectators.

Players are allowed to play the game of Football Keno Progressive for having lots of fun and enjoyment. This implies tat players do not require to place real money bet. However, the game gives the progressive jackpot to the players placing real money bet or to the players marking 15 numbers on the gaming screen. If the players obtained matching of minimum 12 numbers under such conditions, definitely, they can have the opportunity of winning share of the progressive jackpot. The percent of total amount of jackpot won by the players can be dictated with the help of placed bets as well as multiplier for several matches.

The players can easily follow the game of Football Keno as the game incorporates various standard features. The betting amount can vary from minimum 0.5 credits to maximum 100 credits. This keno game is also providing Auto Pick feature. The players are allowed to select the numbers, which they want to mark on the keno grid. After this, players are allowed to activate Auto Pick feature. Lastly, keno game highlights the payout received by the players.

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