Is Live Blackjack Better Than the Online Version?

The first document about game of Blackjack was found in the book of well-known author of Spain as Don Quijote in between the years 1601 and 1602. The book has given description about the rules of playing the game of Blackjack. The rules described in the book are exactly similar to the rules used for playing the game of blackjack in today's casinos. Later on, Blackjack game was hosted in America. Currently, it has become one of the popular casino games across the world.

History of Blackjack Game
Blackjack is known as twenty one game also, the reason behind this is that the ultimate aim of the game is to get close to twenty one and this is done by keep on adding the value of player's cards. In the beginning dealer deals two cards to every player. Players then need to add the value of their card, so that they can decide that whether they want to continue the game with the same card or they want to hit. In case a player is asking for another card then it is very important to keep in mind that the value of the card should not exceed twenty one.

If anything such happens then the player looses because because they automatically busts out. If you are familiar with the value of the cards then have a look here, the value of Ace is either one or eleven depending on whether its a hard card or a soft hand. Other number card have the similar nominal value and the value of face card is ten. The winner of the game is the one who either have higher card value as compared to the dealer or the one whose hand value goes close to twenty one.

Blackjack is a game, which is not limited to any particular nation in fact this game is enjoyed by various players living in various parts of the world and with the massive advancement in gaming technology then game can now be enjoyed online. The best thing about online blackjack game is that you can enjoy this game from the comfort of your home and at anytime as per your convenience.

Online Blackjack versus Live Blackjack
Enjoy Blackjack game online is far different from enjoying the same in brick and mortal casino. By knowing about the difference player can themselves decide which is the best option for them. Lets take a look on some of the prominent differences between the two. Players enjoying online blackjack game faces less distraction than the one who enjoy the game in brick and mortal casino, This is because brick and mortal casinos are crowded with different types of players at the same time there is music drinks and beautiful girls who distracts the attention of most of the blackjack players. On the contrary, its not that players enjoying online casino do not face any distraction they also feel the same, however the distracting elements re children, spouse, pets and so on.

Another very important difference between live blackjack game and online blackjack game is the betting options. Usually in brick and mortal blackjack game you can place very high wager whereas in case of online blackjack game the wagering limit is comparatively less because here casino do not need to pay salary amount to the dealer.
Above that there are some online casinos that offers fair and exciting winning opportunity to players and the house edge associated with the game is also less. Now lets have a look on the winning amount. In online casino you need wait foe sometime to get the amount deposited in your account whereas in live version of the game you get your winning immediately.

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