Various Slots Games Based on Music Theme

Music is considered as the expression of inner soul. From time to time different genera of music have evolved and some of them are popular even today. Various online casino software providers have released slots games based on music theme. Here in this article we have discussed some of the popular slots game that are based on music theme. Jazz is one of the most popular music form heard by almost all of us. This music form was created in 20th century by African Americans. Realtime Gaming, one of the well known online casino software providers who offer services to the American online gambling market has released a number of slots games named jazz times.

Various musical instruments related to jazz orchestra are present as symbols on the reels of the slots game. Some of these symbols includes trombone, violin, guitar, bongos, bugle and saxophone. While enjoying the game you can hear jazz music at the background. In the Big Money Scatter Bonus, players are suppose to make a drum set by assembling drum, drumsticks and hat. If they succeed in doing so then they are awarded bonus credits. Worth of bonus credit depends on the performance of the player.
Next comes the slots game based on Opera music. As such Opera music first came into existence in 16th century in Italy and then was spread to various parts of the world. Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software providers has released a slots game named Fat Lady Sings on this theme. This slots game comprise of three three divas, they are Oriental, Viking and Italian. The fabulous animation of the game portrays a  fabulous story.

In the bonus round any one of these 3 fatty lady singers who sings that too at a very high scale, which leads to breaking of various articles made up of glass. Usually the Italian lady breaks the wine glasses and this determines the number of free spins. Then comes the Oriental lady, she breaks the Japanese wine jugs and this determines the multiplier multiplying free spins payout. Finally comes the Viking lady, she breaks the beer glasses and revel the bonus credits.

From 1960 until now, Elvis is the best pop music artist. WagerWorks, which considered as one of the best online casino software providers have released a number of slots games on based on Elvis theme. The name of the game is Elvis – A Little More Action.
The game starts portraying Elvis just finishing his song and receiving applause and appreciation from audience. The highest paying symbol is Elvis himself and low paying symbol is the card symbols have light bulbs. This slots game comprise of fifty pylines and 4 rows of symbols present across the reels. When wild symbol replace the winning combination then its outcome is very electrifying such as flashing lights, rock and roll music and cheering of fans takes place.

As such Rock is a very broad term, which usually use for denoting laud as well as flashier form of music. This is the basic theme of Rival Gaming i-slot Rock On. Various renowned musicians such as Paul Stanley, Bret Michaels, George Harrison, Elvis and Jimmy Hendrix appears on the reels. Various theme related symbols are present on the reels of the slots game. These symbols includes drums, peace sign, guitar, various postures and so on.

Loud background music, vibrating colors and cheering musicians creates a vibrating and rock concert atmosphere. As the Rock On bonus round is triggered, a popular song is played from the background. Every time the round is triggered a new song is played .

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