Double Attack Blackjack Guide

WagerWorks is the software developer that is behind a great blackjack variant known as Double Attack Blackjack. This game is offered at all WagerWorks powered casinos, which is a wing of IGT with an example of these casinos being Virgin Casino. The dealer’s face up card is usually dealt first and the player must double the wager before seeing his or her own cards. There are some rules and tips that form part of this game’s strategy.

This game of blackjack is usually played with 8 Spanish decks. The difference between this and a traditional version of card decks is that the 10’s have been removed in the case of Double Attack Blackjack. The dealer will rule that they will stand on soft 17 and take a look for blackjack before the player makes any other moves except deciding on the Double Attack. For the player, when it comes to rules, the Double is possible on any set of 2 or more cards. You can double up a split except if it is on aces, in which case only one card is received for each ace. If a given hand has 2 or more cards, it can be surrendered and they can also draw up to 8 cards for each hand and can surrender after a double down. If any hand totals to less than 21, then it automatically beats the dealer unless it is blackjack. An insurance of half the player’s initial bet is placed if the face-up card is an ace. Insurance bet will pay off 3 to 1 on the dealer if they deal a blackjack.

The Double Attack is where the first card dealt is the face-up card for the dealer. The player will immediately have the option to Double Attack through upping the bet. It can be any amount up to the original bet and if the game is split or doubles, then the original wager and available Double Attack must be matched. When the player chooses to leave the game, the Double Attack bet as well as half the original bet is paid out. The risk that the player will make when paying Double Attack advantage is that the blackjack on the player’s side will pay only even money and not 3 to 2.

The main key to the strategy used in Double Attack Blackjack is when to place the wager. This bet will be dependent on computer simulation and the outcome is that the player has a higher winning shot if the dealer’s face up card is between 2 and 8. However, if the card is an ace, nine or ten then there is a chance the player will lose. The Double Attack wager is therefore best placed when the dealer face-up card is between 2 and 8. You can get more winnings by doubling the original wager, meaning that the bet has been placed to the hilt. According to observation, 58% is the percentage of the average times that a player will go for the Double Attack, but it does not mean that someone will win all the time. The player will lose less when the dealer face-up card is between 2 and 8 while higher chances of losing arise when the dealer face-up card is a nine, ten or ace. To win in this and the regular blackjack variant, follow the strategy card and stand a chance to win.

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