Joker Poker Level-Up Poker

Software: Microgaming

When we do something today, we definitely do it for the future. For example, most of us study well to be able to graduate and to be able to get a high-paying job someday. The future is so exciting and so uncertain, for all we can see and feel is the present. The only thing we can do is to predict what’s going to happen next, so as early as now we prepare for the possibilities. Some of us even go to a fortune teller just to seek some advice. Fortune tellers sure are interesting but what’s even more interesting are the things they use – crystal balls, tarot cards, playing cards, etc.

And I’m not sure if most of us have already noticed that playing cards are a great mystery. I mean, they are very useful and attractive. Not only that they are used in fortune telling but they are utilized in gaming as well. And it’s mystical how people get addicted to them, when they’re just composed of alphabets and numbers, of shapes and faces. In fact, there are already a lot of card games developed out there because people are so hooked into them – blackjack, baccarat, bridge, solitaire, poker and many more. And adding to the fun and addiction is the newly released game by Microgaming called Joker Poker Level-Up Poker.

The video poker was a replica of the manual, physical poker except for the added twists. For the instructions of the game, there is the question mark on the upper-left hand of the screen you have to click. The game is composed of many levels, and each level is played with 53 cards. That is, the normal 52 cards plus joker. The objective is to keep on leveling up to increase the amount of possible prizes to win. Once you won in the level you’re in, you will advance to the next round, which pays twice as much as the previous level. The fourth level pays 8x the player’s total bet!

The maximum number of coins in each hand is 5 coins, with the coin size ranging from $0.10 to $1. Thus, the maximum amount the player can bet per game is 20 credits and the minimum bet is 0.10 credits. The wild card is the Joker card, which is able to replace any card symbol. The Free Card game guarantees you a free ride to the next level even if you didn’t win your original hand. The top jackpot is 5000 coins, which can be won by getting the Natural Royal Flash. The second jackpot is 1000 coins, which can be won by getting 5 of a kind. For the un-played hands, the consolation prize is 100 coins, which is the equivalent value for a Royal Flush.

So why not try to play the Joker Poker Level-Up Poker by Microgaming? Not only that it gives you a new experience of playing poker games but it also allows you to accumulate huge sums of prizes you wouldn’t be able to win in the manual, physical one.

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