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Entertainment is sometimes what all of us ask for. In our daily busy life of school or work, we certainly deserve a break. That’s why we excitedly wait for Friday night or Saturday and Sunday mornings, perhaps, to finally set ourselves free from the so called stress, to get hours and hours of sleep we always wanted and to laugh till we drop with our dearest family and friends. And when it comes to the forms of entertainment, the world has made available a lot of them. You may find it in the form of sunbathing near the beach or drinking tea in the garden.

The forms of entertainment have evolved together with the world. I bet everything that entertains us now is somehow related to technology. Our radio, television, laptop, and cellphone are only some of the devices that give us joy and relaxation. Decades ago, these are not the forms of entertainment of people for sure. Maybe their fun and ease would come more in plays, books, chips, and board games. And Cryptologic found its mission in bringing one classic board game of people in the 70’s to the people of today by reviving it to the world of computer gaming – the Jenga video slot machine.

Jenga is an 18-payline video slot game. It is one of the unique releases of Cryptologic for it has no reels. The graphics of the game is bright and colorful, which makes the game more attractive and entertaining to players. A 3D game with superb animations and graphics, it truly is as exciting as, if not more than, the manual physical game. However, the objective of the video game is different from the original. If in the original game, your goal is to maintain the tower’s stability, in the video game, you have to collapse the tower to collect prizes!

The player is free to choose if he wants to play a 9-payline or an 18-payline Jenga. The coin size ranges from $0.05 to $20 per pay line. Thus, the minimum amount of money one can bet per game is $0.45 and the maximum amount is $360. The player has to match 3 colored blocks on the same line to remove them. Once the blocks are removed, more color matches can possibly be created. Collapsing the tower awards a huge sum of money and a free game. The special blocks the player should watch out for are the Magic Blocks and Layer Bombs. The magic blocks change the color of the surrounding blocks into one color. The layer bombs remove 2, 4 or 8 layers from the tower and replace them with new ones. Also, there are Bonus Blocks, which are awarded every time there is a winning combination. The Bonus Blocks are added on top of the tower.

The special blocks increase the player’s chances of winnings. The top jackpot of the game is 50,000 coins! Just imagine how much your winnings can be! This is primarily the reason why most people prefer the online game – the prizes it offers are just so much better!
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