King Kong

Software: CryptoLogic

If you think you have seen all the universe has to offer, better think twice. The whole universe is so much larger than our minds can grasp. Black holes, galaxies, stars – all we can have are knowledge about their mere properties; we cannot fully comprehend them. Even our own planet Earth surprise us frequently for there are still many aspects of it that still needs to be discovered. And it is not only in Astronomy or Geology that we are quite ignorant, we lack some relevant information in all branches of science. That’s why people continue to study all what it has to be studied to get facts.

Just take for example in Biology, we continue to discover species that are beyond our imagination but despite of these, there are still a lot to be noticed. The dark deeps of the ocean, it has been found out, are inhabited by sea creatures thousand times larger than the fishes we eat. Also, the old forests, it has been learned, contain in it floras and faunas meters larger than human beings. Some movies are even created about the possible creatures humans have yet to encounter. Who can ever forget Godzilla and King Kong? And Cryptologic, perhaps amazed by the possibilities the movies imply, released a game called King Kong on 2008.

King Kong is a 5-reel, 25-payline video slot game with 21 winning combinations. The maximum number of coins per game is 25, with coin size ranging from $0.01 to $20. The minimum amount of money one can bet per game is $0.01 and the maximum amount is $500. All the graphics of the game is related to the blockbuster movie released on 2005 - Ann Darrow, Carl Denham, Skull, Plane, Ship, Crab, Dinosaur, Shackles, King Kong, and King Kong logo. The sounds are equally entertaining; King Kong growls and machine gun firings.

The wild symbol is King Kong, which is able to replace any symbol except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the King Kong logo. Getting 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels activate the bonus round called the King Kong Smash Feature. In this feature, you get to choose the planes King Kong will smash. Missing three planes ends the game. You now have to select items which reveal some of the bonus prizes, which may be 15 Free Spins or money. Another bonus game called the King Kong Goes Ape Feature is activated when King Kong appears on reel 3. King Kong stretches all over the reel, which allows you to win more prizes easily!

The top jackpot of the game is 7500 times the coin size, and the second jackpot is 1500 times the coin size. There is sure more to King Kong than his scary aspects. The amount of cash one can amass after playing the game is just as huge as the said beast! So what are you waiting for? Conquer your fear and face the wild beast. Who knows, you just might be the lucky one.

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