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Life, in some aspects, is a game of chances. In other words, life is full of coincidences and surprises and it’s up to us how to respond. Another way to see it is we are given quite limited choices and it’s up to us what to choose or pick. If everything goes well for us, we are lucky. But if the tides go against us, then we better luck next time. It’s like being the 99th costumer in a shop where the 100th costumer is to receive enormous amount of prizes. But we never remain to be the 99th customer all our lives, of course. Sometimes, we are the 100th.

Maybe because of this nature of life that Lotto or Bingo became famous to people, at all ages and races. I mean, both games are just game of chances but we tend to prefer them than the games of skills and strategy. Yes, we prefer them even though the chances of winning are larger in the latter. Another game of chances that I’m pretty sure you’re aware of is Keno. Just like Lotto and Bingo, it sure is addictive. And guess what, Microgaming released an online game (called Keno, of course), to make the game more accessible to a lot of people!

Keno is one of the oldest forms of lotteries. It originated from ancient China as early as the reign of the Han Dynasty.

But Keno really is a mix of lottery and bingo. When playing the game, you will see a large board filled with numbers 1-80. You have to choose 15 numbers, which you think will be the winning numbers. 15 numbers will be drawn randomly. When the numbers you have chosen matches the number drawn, you win. You can choose the amount you are willing to bet – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 casino credits. The higher your bet, the higher is the prize you could possibly win. You can also choose how many numbers you have to guess. The higher the number of guesses, the higher is your possible winnings.

The maximum payout in guessing one number is three times your bet. The maximum winning in guessing five numbers is 50 times your bet. If you are able to guess 10 numbers, you can win as much as 1,800 times your bet. And if you’re lucky enough to guess all 15 numbers, you’re total prize is 10,000 times your bet!

Keno is a game of chances; all that it takes are a little bit of your time, some of your casino credits, and a tremendous amount of your luck. Though the online game is just more or less a replica of the manual, original one, most people prefer the former for it is truly worth playing. The graphics are colorful and the animations are fast. What’s more, the amount of money one can possibly win is so much larger! So why not measure your luck this time? You wouldn’t know how lucky you are unless you try.
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