Kings and Queens

Software: Microgaming

Literature in itself is captivating, but what truly adds to the enchantment is how it portrays life and people. Life can be miserable, crazy, blissful or pointless depending on how the author wants it to be. There can be a happy ending, sad ending or no ending at all to the story. And people can be good, evil or indifferent depending on the role the author has designated them. But I think the most interesting portrayal literature had for so many centuries is the character of the royal family. That is because the characters of the king and queen move in two exactly opposite polarities.

The king may be strong, handsome and charismatic or he may be weak, ugly and repulsive. He may be the savior of his nation or he may be its downfall. He may be the main character of the story or he may be the insignificant one. They are different characters holding the same title – the King. And his queen may be beautiful, loving, and loyal or she may be monstrous, coldhearted and traitorous. She may be the king’s confidant or his witch. Just like his King, her character may swing to both sides of the poles. And guess what, Microgaming also has its own interpretation of king and queen – benefactors.

Microgaming released an online casino game called Kings and Queens on 2009. It is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slots game with 34 winning combinations. The maximum number of coins per game is 100, with con size ranging from $0.01 to $0.25. Thus, the minimum amount one can bet per spin is $0.01 and the maximum amount is $25. All the graphics of the game create an atmosphere of a Medieval Kingdom, which the players would surely love. The figures in the reels are the Kings and Queens Logo, Shield, King, Queen, Crown, Treasure Chest and Playing Cards.

The wild symbols are the Kings and Queens logo and the Treasure Chest. Both figures are able to replace any symbol except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the shield which appears anywhere on the reels. Getting three or more scatter symbols awards 10 Free Spins and up to 8x multipliers. The top jackpot prize of the game is $6000 and the second jackpot is 2000 times the coin size if you bet the maximum amount, which is $25. The winnings can be increased in multiples during the Bonus Round and the Free Spins Feature. Also, at the end of the game, you can opt to try the Gamble Game. In the gamble feature, two games are offered. The first one is called the “Black or Red”, and the second one is called the “Choose a Suit”.

Now you know why kings and queens can be benefactors – they can give lots and lots of cash to lucky recipients, which in this case are the players. And there’s no other way to receive the king and queen’s blessing but to play the game. Have a taste on what it feels like to belong to a royal family today!

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