Roulette Royale Progressive

Software: Microgaming

Microgaming software is a very popular and respected game developer in the world of casinos. Now, it has again developed another great game to add in their list – The Roulette Royale Progressive. As the game name implies, it is a roulette game only with a little twist because it offers casino players with a grand progressive jackpot up for grabs! Unlike in other casino roulette games wherein the jackpot is at fixed amount. Here, the game gets more exciting as the jackpot pool prize gets bigger and bigger each time.

Roulette Royale Progressive follows the European roulette game in which it only has a single zero on the wheels and on the table lay out. Players can bet a minimum of 1 credit and an added $1 more to qualify for the jackpot prize. However, this is actually a compulsory side bet.

The main objective of the game is for the player to place his bet on where he thinks the roulette wheel would stop. He can choose to bet on either a single number, a series of numbers, or a group representing several numbers. After bets are placed, the roulette wheel will spin and if it lands on the number, a series of number or group representing several number in which he placed his bet, then he wins. The game mechanics is actually that simple however, winning though is not that easy as luck should be on your side to be able to win. Nevertheless, players are provided with the option to control the speed of the spinning wheels which is a plus factor that may be favorable to the player. The sound effects of the game can also be adjusted depending on the player. The game also offers an Auto Play option in Expert Mode.

In order to win the progressive jackpot pool prize of the game, players will need to hit a number 5 consecutive times. Yes, its definitely quite tough! And that is exactly the reason why progressive jackpots are at real high stakes, because they are kind of difficult to win. Nevertheless, games like these with progressive jackpots up for grabs are still a constant hit for casino players since people loves to push their luck and hopes to be that very lucky person to win the golden prize.

But Roulette Royale Progressive is still a generous game because aside from the jackpot, it also offers great consolation prizes for those who are lucky but not quite to win the progressive jackpot. The payouts go like this. If the player was able to hit the same number twice in a row, he will still receive a consolation of $15. On the other hand, if he hits the same number 3 times in a row, he will get a health $200. Not bad for a consolation! The other pay out will be given to a player who hits the same number 4 times in a row. He will be awarded of a generous $3000. That is still attractive aside from the chance to grab the jackpot.

No wonder why Roulette Royale Progressive is still becoming popular to online roulette players. It offers a great game, fun and excitement plus great payouts as well. So get your chance for that progressive jackpot now. Play Roulette Royal Progressive now!

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