Multi-player Wheel of Wealth

Software: Microgaming

Ever want to play your online slot machine with friends? Ever want to express your emotions whenever you win big money or just lost some? Well, worry no more because the Multi-player Wheel of Wealth, the first-ever multi-player online slot machine, is in town.

The Multi-player Wheel of Wealth is another creation of Microgaming Software Systems, one of the top online casino game developers in the world. This is a 5-reel, 25-payline online slot machine that is available in many online casinos. The unique feature of this game is that you play it with other players. Also, you can chat with them during the game. At the start of your game, you will be directed to a room wherein you will be with four other players. You can see their results and you can see theirs. If you do not like the people you are playing with, you have the option to change rooms.

This online slot machine does not have a very flashy theme. The symbols include lifestyle-themed images (which include fruits, cars, gold bars, etc.), the scatter symbol (which gives you your multipliers) and the wheel of wealth symbol (which is the substitute symbol for this game).

One of the special features of this game is the scatter which gives you your multipliers for the game. Whenever you get two of the scatter symbol, you are automatically awarded one multiplier. The multipliers are just added up and not used until the Wheel of Wealth appears. The number of multipliers that you can get has no limit. As long as the Wheel of Wealth has not appeared, the multipliers will just accumulate and accumulate infinitely.

The Wheel of Wealth can appear anytime within the span of the game. In this feature, a wheel will appear with prizes ranging from 20 to 200. You and your co-players can put the arrow anywhere in the wheel. As the wheel spins and stops, the number of credits that you get in the wheel is multiplied to the accumulated multipliers that you have. This then is added to your total winnings. After the Wheel of Wealth feature, your multipliers will go back to zero.

Because of this Wheel of Wealth feature, if ever you already spent all of your credits, you can still continue playing when the Wheel of Wealth appears as long as you have one multiplier. Even though you cannot play in regular games (because you have no more credits), you still have a chance of winning a minimum of 20 credits to 200 credits if you have at least one multiplier.

Another feature of this game is the Wild symbol which is the Wheel of Wealth symbol. This symbol does not trigger the Wheel of Wealth but it substitutes any symbol in the game, except the scatter symbol. This will definitely boost your chance of getting combinations in the game.

Aside from the big winnings that you can get, the graphics of this game is really very pleasing to the eye and the Wheel of Wealth is very entertaining. The chat interface is also very organized.

Playing slots has never been more fun when played with friends in this very unique game!

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